Irrespective of size and type of your business, the one thing that has become imperative in the current day digital arena is digital presence. This digital world has made businesses go beyond boundaries.

If you thought an effective digital presence is just for big names of the industry, then you would be surprised to know, that digital marketing is actually a boon to small businesses as it helps them get the best brand presence on a relatively low budget.

Living up to this demand there many SEO service providers out in the market that cater to a wide range of businesses offering different packages at different pricing. However, if you are a small business and are wondering whether you could afford SEO services then you need to know that the answer is YES.

Yes, you can afford SEO services. However, as you embark on finding an agency that would help you with SEO services, there are certain things that you know. So, here is a glimpse at what small business SEO packages consist of:

  1. Ensure that the package definitely offers on page and off page SEO. In other words, ensure that the package includes not just controlling website related SE but also offers the relevant backlinks from other sites i.e. off page SEO
  2. When we talk of small business SEO packages, remember that the key element to SEO is keywords. Therefore, ensure that your package offers keyword research. As a brand, you may have your list of keywords that would define your business and services, but your SEO agency must vet it before it goes onto the digital space. In short, it is the agency’s job to do keyword research and come up with a final list that would present your brand the right way on the internet.
  3. when we talk about digital marketing, content marketing plays a key role. When we speak about digital brand building, it’s not just about having well-worded website, but it’s about having good content across all the digital platforms.
  4. As a small business, the main agenda of your digital presence is to attract the right audience and convert them into your customers. Therefore, conversion optimization is a must-have in your SEO package.
  5. For many being in the digital space is still like “Alice in Wonderland.” Therefore, one aspect that you must definitely look out in your SEO package is customer support/service. The agency must assure prompt response to your queries and quick attention to your concerns.
  6. Last but definitely the most element that your SEO package must include is reporting and submission of reports. If having an effective digital marketing plan is one side of the coin the other side of the coin is to know whether the marketing plan worked, what was the digital footprint and conversions.

Thus, the above elements can be considered as the basic and must have in the SEO package. However, as much as you must be particular of what is incorporated in your SEO package, you must be equally particular about which agency you are typing up with. Therefore, here are some pointers that you must look out for when you are choosing a SEO service provider

  1. For a startup or small business, every penny matters. Therefore, you must ensure to find an agency that gives you the best offer.
  2. As you look at your SEO agency as your growth partner, it is essential to check their performance record. In other words, do check their clientele list and also have a run through of the client’s digital presence.
  3. It is a known fact that the digital space is vast and dynamic. As much as it is a great tool to take your business to great heights, it equally comes with a fear of agencies using unethical practices to achieve the targets. Therefore, when you are choosing a SEO agency, be sure that they are credible, are using only legitimate tools and are open to share the details of the digital footprints.
  4. Last but the most important is the personal connect. For small businesses, this is not just another aspect of your marketing strategy but is a platform of growth. Therefore, while choosing your SEO partner, ensure that you choose an agency that believes in your brand story personally and professionally. In short, choose an agency that would own your business and put in that extra effort to help you scale.

With the above tips and details, we are sure that you are ready to take that digital plunge. So, what are you waiting for??? A simple internet search and you would get a list of SEO service providers. With the list on one side and our checklist on the other side, just go ahead and find your SEO partner and shine the digital world.

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