It’s a given that owning a home is an investment that requires a great deal of time, energy, and money. So, it isn’t a viable option for most people for various reasons, affordability being a significant one.

The other doable option that works for us is to rent a room. If you happen to be one of those people, check out shared and private rooms, and you won’t be disappointed!

Finding a room or a roommate is challenging because one must consider multiple factors that require investing time. But thanks to technology, some portals can help us find exactly what we want while spending less time.

We have a list of eight top shared housing portals to help you remain abreast of the potential shared housing sites that you could use to find a room or roommate,  depending on your requirements:

  • Diggz

Diggz is one of the most popular roommate finder app that covers all your basis. Find rooms for rent, roommates to fill your empty room, or partner up with someone to find a new place of your own.

Diggz is a free service that connects between like-minded prospective roommates with similar lifestyles and preferences, leveraging a proprietary matching algorithm. To keep the platform safe, Diggz employs A.I. as well as human eyes to detect suspicious profiles and scammers.  Diggz is available in most large metro areas in the U.S. and Canada.

  • EasyRoommate

EasyRoommate is one of the most well-known portals for shared housing and roommate finding. It contains a user-friendly layout and has been in business for a long time.

It works on finding a match for a person with a room and one who’s looking for a room. The subscription is free regardless of whether one’s looking to post a room or look for a roommate. Finally, the site has additional features available for a small fee and includes unlimited access to all the members.

  • Cirtru

Cirtru, or Circles of Trust, is one of the best roommate finders in America, although it’s relatively new in the market. While searching for a room or a roommate, we’re always worried about finding something or someone safe and trustworthy. Cirtru does precisely that.

Per its policy, every new user must go through identity verification before contacting other members or posting a room. There are other verification options available such as employment, education, background check, and a government-issued ID check.

An internal chat option allows you to interact with other users without revealing your identity. Searching for rooms, posting rooms, or even looking for roommates is free.

  • Roomiematch

Needless to say, the site works on finding a roommate for you by finding someone whose nature and characteristics match yours. On the site, submissions are corroborated by human reviewers to leave no scope for spambots, scammers, or even people with unfavorable motives.

The portal also operates an IP Address Actual Location Analysis on members’ computers so that they can share the real cities in which you’re likely to find your roommate. Overall, this is an excellent roommate finder. Subscription to the website is free.

  • Roomi

Here’s another great roommate finder that carries out detailed background checks on applicants to prevent you from coming into contact with a fraud or even living with one.

Furthermore, Roomi ensures that you find a trustworthy roommate by displaying badges on those profiles that have completed the verification process. In case you post a room to find a roommate, the details are removed from the market just as soon as you find one. The platform also goes a step beyond and credits your roommate’s portion of the rent the day they move in.

  • SpareRoom

Sometimes, while trying to find the perfect roommate, you end up conversing with many who don’t even come close to fitting the bill. This is where SpareRoom, yet another roommate finder, comes in. It customizes your search so that you can find the ideal roommate for your spare room.

Interestingly, if you believe in in-person interactions with potential roommates, you can go ahead and attend a SpeedRoommating event in Manhattan or Brooklyn held every week. Sign up for one, head over to a bar, get a drink, and start conversing with people you come across till you find the right roommate.

  • Roomster

Social media platforms have become indispensable today to the extent that people have been using them to verify potential applicants’ identities, both professionally and personally.

It’s natural to want to see whether the ideas, views, and personalities of those you find compatible are accurate in terms of their characters and identities. You can log in to Roomster using your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts, thereby making it easier to run a background check on your potential roommates’ online profiles.

  • Listings Project

This isn’t a typical roommate finder, but it is a great website to post a room and share the details with the site’s subscribers. Susan Diamond, the website’s founder, started sharing housing information sent by her friends with her artist community, way back in 2003.

What began as a social practice started flourishing to the extent that it’s a full-fledged business today. People across professions can post a room by paying a $30 fee to have the details on the site by Tuesday morning, and the email is shared with subscribers on Wednesday mornings. Subscription to the site is also free.

  • RoomZoom

RoomZoom was founded in 2015 to make the roommate finding process safer, easier, and faster. The platform uses an algorithm to ascertain all the potential roommates for you.

As a result, it’s imperative to create a credible profile that lists all your true preferences or requirements. The roommate finder’s restricted to New York at the moment but is looking to expand to other cities. Subscription to the site is free.

Now that you’re armed with the requisite knowledge of some of the safest, most secure, and dependable roommate finders in the country, the process of finding a room or roommate should be a cakewalk. So, begin your search and we wish you the best of luck!

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