We often imagine a pool of friends giggling and waiting to pounce on the man or woman of the hour at a surprise party—and that pretty much it is. It is very, very important to surprise the honoree with an unforgettable celebration. Be it birthday parties, graduation, promotion, engagement, or anything else, all calls for a celebration.

There are a few significant differences in planning a regular or a surprise party. In order to achieve the element of surprise, planners must be extra cautious with the guests and everything else; you do not want it to slip to the concerned person.

We have brought a list of five useful tips that will be beneficial in catching your special person off guard and make them the happiest.

1. Plan the Party Outside Home 

It would be a great idea not to plan a surprise party at home unless you own private space or do not live with the guest. It enhances the possibility of spoiling the surprise party and the concerned creature might come across your party planning list, notes, or overhear it.

You can organize the party at a local coffee shop, at a friend’s house, or anything that is not your home. For instance, living in the same apartment could make you forget things, like reminders, that can ruin the surprise. Try to be subtle and play it minimum when you are around the honoree.

2. Seek Help 

You can throw a surprise party with ease but organizing it is quite tricky. You alone cannot collect the cake, decorate the scene, prepare the guest list, and carry out everything else. It is not about the pre-party tasks only but to take care of everything after the party.

We would advise using favor boxes for food products because they are easy to dispose of because you can get them in reusable and recyclable form. It would be great to get wholesale favor boxes for serving the food at the party.

You should seek the help of others and assign them a specific task to manage it better. It will not overwhelm anyone. For instance, call two to three friends for decoration. Please explain your idea to them and get them started to throw one of the best parties ever. You should leave early if you have to dress up and pick up the concerned person. Manage time and tasks for smooth working.

3. Network the Invites 

It is evident that you do not have access to everyone and we would not advise you to snoop through the phone to plan it. Rather, send out emails, texts, or use social media to invite you to know and use them to spread invites.

For example, Facebook allows you to invite mutual friends to an event. It will eliminate direct communication and reach them effectively. They can also see who is invited to the party (mutual ones).

4. Fabricate a Cover Story

There always remains a chance the guest of honor can smell the wind of their surprise event and it is useful to have a cover story already. However, do not start telling it until their get a whiff of that you are up to something. Having a backup story will not make you look stupid answer their plethora of questions.

There are also super observant people, and you can maneuver them into planning their own part under the guise of another event. For instance, think of a mutual friend having a birthday on the same date or look if someone has got a promotion, tell the person that this party is for someone else with details to avoid further questioning.

5. Select a Familiar Venue

Choosing a venue that is familiar to both you and your friend is an excellent option. You know about the parking ins and outs, bathroom location, or you might have a genial relationship with the workers there. It adds to making the event run fluidly.

It will also not look suspicious when taking or calling the guest of honor to the usual place. For instance, you can organize it at their favorite pub or the place where you often go for food. Moreover, it is healthy to invite guests to come 30 minutes before the man/woman of the hour. It gives a warm feeling to the special person.

The Final Thought 

In this article, we can see that you can host an unforgettable surprise event with proper attention to particulars. Obviously, it is healthy to ensure that your guest of honor can handle a surprise.

Furthermore, it would be your responsibility to ensure that the person of the hour is appropriately dressed. Please do not make them wear formal on a casual night or vice versa. Have you ever been to a surprise party? You must know how it is thrown and feels.

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