Despite coming up short in the 2016 elections, American politician Bernie Sanders managed to stay relevant in the public eye. Whether it’s posting Tweeting out bold statements or calling out people who support the democratic party, Sanders has managed to remain in the headlines.

Some people love his takes while others don’t. Either way, it seems like Sanders isn’t looking to leave the public eye anytime soon. 

With a massive support base and funding from donors, he has everything he needs to remain relevant. He even has plans to make another run for the presidency in 2024.

But with all the attention and support, how much is Bernie Sanders really worth? How much does this political heavy-hitter make, and where does he accumulate most of his wealth?

Let’s find out!

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: Bernie Sanders

Full Name: Bernard Sanders

Gender: Male

Birthday: September 8, 1941

Place of Origin: Brooklyn, New York

Age: 79

Height: 6 feet

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Status: Married

Profession: Politician

Total Net Worth: $2 million

Bernard Sanders was born on September 8, 1941, in Brooklyn, New York. He was born to two Polish immigrants in the 1940s. His father, Elian Ben Yehuda Sanders, and mother, Dorothy Sanders, were both of Jewish descent. 

At an early age, Sanders already showed signs of brilliance. He is consistently one of the top students in his class and is always one to speak his mind on anything.

His interest in politics also came at a young age. He even cites Adolf Hitler as one of his political influences.

Political Career

Sanders first made the political scene in 1981 when he became the mayor of Burlington, Vermont. He served four terms from 1981 all the way to 1989. 

After serving Burlington for almost a decade, Sanders landed an even higher position at the House of Representatives in 1991. He served the House for 16 years until he was elected Senator in 2007. 

Since then, he has held the Senatorial position up until today. During his tenure as Senator, Sanders also became Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veteran’s affairs.

Sanders made the most of his political impact as Senator. In 2014, he passed the legislation that aims to improve VA health care.  

He also serves various other committees during his time as Senator. Some notable committees include the Committee on Budget, Environment and Public Works Committee, Committee on Health, Labor, and much more.

Known for his outspoken personality, Sanders is a self-proclaimed democratic socialist. He has made several critical points about political philosophy, even stating that it will make people’s lives better.

Apart from his political ideals, Sanders was also known as an independent. In fact, he currently holds the title for longest-serving independent in congressional history (2007 – present).

While it may seem as if he already reached his peak, Sanders wanted to climb up to the highest position in the land. In 2015, he announced his plans on running for the 2016 presidential elections under the Democratic Party.

While he may have lost the election, his political stance was influential. Some of his policy proposals are still popular even today. 

His loss in 2016 only fueled his run for the presidency again in 2020. Unfortunately, controversy within the Democratic Party, along with issues with the vote count, cost Sanders another shot at the presidency spot.


However, Sanders still hasn’t given up on his aspiration of becoming the next president of the United States. He even plans to run again in 2024, again, under the flag of the Democratic Party.


Over the years, Sanders has garnered a fair share of controversy. The tough-talking Sanders also has been involved in a few issues due to his antics and political views.

In 2016, an email scandal involving the Democratic National Convention (DNC) leaked and was exposed to the public. It revealed some members of the party supporting Hillary Clinton over Sanders, which caused tension within the party.

The Brooklyn-native has also sparked many controversies himself, most of the time on Twitter. In 2017, the then 76-year-old Sanders placed Jeff Bezos in the hot seat after achieving the titles as the world’s richest man.

Sanders instigated speculation over the billionaire’s wealth, claiming that Bezos was part of a “rigged economy.” Sander even went as far as to accuse Bezos’ company, Amazon, of tax evasion.

Apart from his fight against billionaires, Sander also received several issues coming his way. One particular incident was his appearance during the 2017 Women’s Convention.

Several attendees were shocked and even disappointed by the Senator’s appearance on the stage. One was writer Lily Herman, who voiced her displeasure on Refinery29.

Sanders has also attracted a certain amount of criticism for his lavish spending habits. However, despite all of these issues, Sanders isn’t giving them the attention they want.


Bernie Sanders reportedly made over $1 million in 2016. $795,000 of which allegedly came from royalties of his books. 

Sanders’ salary from the Senate is allegedly around $174,000 (2016). He also has undisclosed holdings and investments that also add up to his overall net worth.

Bernie Sanders Total Net Worth

As of 2020, Bernie Sanders has a net worth of $2 million. While it’s a meager amount compared to other politicians, it’s still a pretty hefty sum for a long-standing political career.

It’s also important to know that this is only an estimation as most public figures don’t disclose their exact wealth. That means Sanders could be worth even more.

The most influential figure in modern-day democratic socialism has had a pretty long and successful career. His net worth is the total amount from his salary, book sales, and investments.

It’s also reported that most of Sanders’ current wealth was recently acquired. That implies that he wasn’t making much until he exploded into mainstream media.

Despite being 79 years old, Bernie Sanders’ political career is far from over. He has a lot more to offer and will have more opportunities to grow his fortune.

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