Thomas Macdonald or is famously known for his stage name ‘Tom MacDonald’, is a Canadian rap artist, singer, songwriter, music producer, and a former professional wrestler.

Personal Details

Stage Name: Tom MacDonald

Full Name: Thomas MacDonald

Gender: Male

Birthday: September 21, 1988

Place of Origin: Canada

Age: 32

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Nationality: Canadian

Sexual Orientation: Straight Male

Status: Single

Spouse: None

Children: None

Profession: former Professional Wrestler, Singer, Rap Artist, Music Producer, and Songwriter

Total Net Worth: $100 million

Personal Life

Thomas Macdonald was born on September 21, 1988, in the town of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His mother is Lee-Ann MacDonald. His father’s identity has not been stated by Tom in his media endeavors. There has been no record of statements in particular if Tom has siblings. His relationship with his parents can be seen in his photos where he spends some time together with his mother, and some time with his father. He shows how close he is to his family. 

Tom has not yet shared much of his personal childhood life with the community and media, but as we see him now, he is much more focused on the progress of his career. His passion and interest in music and rap started as a kid. Growing up, he became known for his somewhat controversial rap style. Tom is not afraid to take sensitive issues to his songs.  

His educational background and qualifications have not been discussed and shared. Looking at his achievement in life and career, we can assume that Tom is a well-educated person. 


Tom has always been transparent to his fans by keeping himself real 100 percent. This includes his romantic relationships. 

He has been in a relationship with Nova Rockafeller since the beginning of his career, and she has always supported Tom all the way. She is also a rap artist and musician. 

Tom is open with his relationship with Nova, and you can see them in his Instagram photos. They are a good couple and many of his fans wished them the best. 

Life Controversy

It’s not new for an artist to have a group of haters and critics, but with Tom, it’s a different thing when your music material and content have offensive and controversial issues. Those who are not in favor or not open-minded enough can always talk bad and try to bring him down, But Tom doesn’t give them attention, instead, he focuses his passion, creativity, love, and positivity on his fans and admirers. 

In his career, Tom did a good job in keeping himself apart from the world of controversies through his positive and sensible attitude. 


Tom in his early career has been a part of a TV show in Alberta City, and with WWE Superstars. At an early age, he tried to push himself to compete in the wrestling arena but later on realized that his heart wanted to pursue music. He quit wrestling and chose to continue his career in music. 

He started his music career in 2009 and built it up to 2013, where his career finally then made success. His video ‘Wannabe’ in 2014 opened the way to his fame and continuous success. 

He is dedicated to his genre in mumble rapping and finds it as a humble form of rap music. He is serious with his music and has promoted the disapproval of drugs, especially when it is used in music. His lyrics as many of his critics discussed are unrivaled and show great talent. 

Throughout his career, Tom has established and released song albums. Here are some of his top and notable albums. LeeAnn’s son in 2014, Macbeth EP in 2015, See You Tomorrow in 2015, Dream People and the Whiskey Wars in 2015, Therapy EP in 2017, and Deathreats in 2018.  

In 2019, he released a song entitled ‘Straight White Male’, that talks about his belief in white men being possessed by evil. After that, he released ‘Cloned Rappers’ that focuses on conspiracy theories about the Illuminati who are cloning rappers and killing off the originals. 

In 2020, he made a song that was inspired by the pandemic of COVID-19, called ‘Coronavirus’. However, this song was criticized by Garrett Gravley from the Dallas Observer that the song is not factual and can be misleading through false information. 

Nevertheless, Tom continued to create great music. 

Wrestling Career

In his wrestling career, Tom goes by his ring name the ‘Allstar’. He was active from 2003 to 2009 in events for Single Wrestler Matches. He uses the wrestling style called ‘High Flyer’. His signature moves were the Seeing Stars and Shooting Allstar Press. 

Awards and Nominations

We all know that most of the black artists have dominated the Hip Hop scene for several years, some white artists have shown great talent and are recognized by it. Tom is one of those artists and here are some of his awards and accomplishments. This includes professions outside the music industry. 

He is very well known in Canada. Both his music and music videos are streamed on all of the country’s television channels, including radio station networks. 

He has toured for concerts, twice in Europe. He also has thousands and millions who are following his stream. 

Total Net Worth

Tom MacDonald is a talented and successful musician. He has more than 500 thousand YouTube subscribers, 1 million Facebook, 23 thousand Twitter, and 100 thousand Instagram followers. His work has been recognized by his fellow artists, celebrities, fans, and critics. 

He also sells his merchandise products of custom-made hoodies, shirts, and accessories. He made sure that his products are well affordable so that it is easy to sell, and sold out. 

Through his career as a musician, part of his earnings was from his tours and concerts. He also earns from his music videos and social media platforms. 

He has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

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