Restore your youthfulness with the help of the Ayurvedic Treatment Kutteepraveshika Rasayana.

As we grow older, our skin and organs start to lose their youthfulness and beauty. People want to keep themselves young and full of life. At the present age, stress and pressure have made it all the more difficult to keep yourself healthy.

Ayurveda offers the solution in Kutteepravshika Rasayana, and this treatment is offered among various Kerala Ayurvedic centers.

Anti Aging Therapy

Kutteepravashika is a therapy used to slow down the patient’s aging process by various treatments like isolation from the entire world and giving rest to all the sensory points in the body.

This procedure can go on for as many months as needed, but at least four weeks is compulsory. The patient is excluded from all kinds of solid food from their diet. Patients consume milk and ghee throughout the process.

Treatment Process

The treatment is widely accepted as a skin aging treatment for its effect on the patient’s skin and weight. For this, the patient is advised to prepare themselves before coming in to have an easy treatment.

Nearly every Ayurvedic Clinic follows the same five treatments.

These are:
> Snehapana – Until the patient reaches ghee saturation, they will only be given ghee. The body has to be well-rested in this process.
> Vamana – Medicated vomiting is conducted to remove toxins from the body.
> Virechana – is done for bowel movement, which removes the toxins from the body.
> Nasyam – The patient will intake Ayurvedic medicines through the nasal passage, which will cleanse the passage.
> Vasti – Patient takes medicine through the anal passage. This process clears the toxins from the reproductive and digestive systems.
> Raktamoksham – Toxins are removed through the blood, making the blood system clean and free from toxins.

The patient goes through mental preparation before starting this procedure. They should be adapted to the lifestyle before going inside the Kuti, falling to the Ayurveda lifestyle, having vegetarian food, consuming hot water, and avoiding sleeping and exercising in the daytime.

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