Stevin John or is famously known by his stage name ‘Blippi’ and ‘Steezy Grossman’ is an American children’s video entertainer and educator on Amazon Video, YouTube, and Hulu. 

Personal Details

Stage Name: Blippi and Steezy Grossman

Full Name: Stevin John 

Gender: Male

Birthday: May 27, 1988

Place of Origin: Washington, United States

Age: 32

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Straight Male

Status: Single

Spouse: None

Children: None

Profession: Social Media Personality, Educator, and Children’s Entertainer

Total Net Worth: $16 million US Dollars

Personal Life

Stevin John was born on May 27, 1988, in the town of Ellensburg, Washington, United States. He grew up in a place where you can see horses, cows, and tractors. You will notice this when you see some of his video content revolves around outdoor activities, construction equipment, farms, and visiting the parks. 

As a child, he always wished to become a fighter pilot and a limousine driver, when he grew up. 

Stevin was formerly known as Stephen Grossman, but because of an unfortunate scandal, he legally changed it to Stevin John. 


A lot of people might not know this but Stevin is a heartthrob for moms all over the internet, they would usually comment on how handsome he is. Unfortunately for many admirers, Stevin already has a girlfriend. 

His girlfriend is Alyssa Ingham and they have been dating since 2015 up to the present time. 

He is still unmarried and without kids. He and Alyssa are still enjoying their romantic relationship of over 4 years now. 


There was an event during his 2019 tour where people called it ‘bait and switch advertising. Parents have paid a huge amount of money for the tickets and found out during the show and actual performance, that the person presenting is an impersonator. 

In their defense, the promoter and producer have already stated during advertisements and announcements that Stevin would not be on the tour. 

Still, those who felt the unjust have their tickets refunded. 


Blippi is a character that John plays in his video. His presentation of himself is a fun, energetic, childlike, and curious person who is dressed in his signature orange and blue beanie cap, bow tie, orange suspenders, and blue shirt. Little did everyone know that his family was always there to support him. His mother was the one who designed his first costume, which then became its iconic trademark. 

The concept of Blippi was created when Stevin moved back to Ellensburg. He saw his nephew watching low-quality YouTube videos. From then on, he dressed up as a bright colored person who dances around the different areas and environments in America. 

He published his first Blippi video in January of 2014. Initially, Stevin has to do both the acting, all the filming, and editing of the video. He took inspiration from other children entertainers and educators like that of ‘Mr. Rogers’. However, Stevin wants to give Blippi the image of an educational, child thinking, and acting person. Blippi is a millennial version of a character, its learning approach is far different than your normal wholesome and educational content that parents usually search on YouTube. Through his content children will learn through colors while Blippi runs through an open area of the playground, parks, and construction sites. 

Stevin already had a background in online content and brand development when he started Blippi. He aimed to create videos that will bring positive memories and emotions with a touch of learning. 

Before he became Blippi, Stevin like many others have faced challenges establishing his career. He went on to work several jobs. After his service in the military, Stevin worked as a cameraman and this is where he learned how to take videos and edit. 

In 2020, Blippi was acquired by Moonbug Entertainment, Ltd. to build up a children multimedia platform within YouTube. 

Military Career

He served the military on active duty as a loadmaster for the airplane C-17 Globemaster in the United States Air Force, 4th Airlift Squadron. He is now a military veteran. 

He is tasked with the planning and calculation of cargo placement so that the aircraft will have a permissible center of gravity and will have no problems taking off or flying. 

Steezy Grossman

In 2013, Stevin began creating gross-out videos. His character name is ‘Steezy Grossman’, it was a story of a boy that was made or born as a poop when his parents had anal sex. With the name Steezy Grossman, Stevin was able to produce ‘Underwear Man’ and ‘Turdboy’. 

In the same year, Stevin made a Harlem shake video in a toilet with his friend and decided to defecate on him. It was soon realized by Stevin that the video he thought was funny to do, was tasteless and stupid. He regrets doing and creating the video. With the help of DMCA, the video was removed from all social media, internet searches, and search engines.

Career Accomplishments

Throughout his career, Stevin has gained millions of fans and critics. His videos have over a billion views on YouTube and up to this time, the production team continues to expand. They have also produced videos in Spanish, released DVDs, digital multimedia file downloads, and have manufactured toys. 

His childlike character has been a success towards the children. Making him one of their iconic characters. 

Stevin John Total Net Worth

Stevin is a very talented and creative educator. You can see his enthusiastic nature in his videos that kids would want to see. His works are well known on YouTube and Amazon Video. He was also considered as one of the highest-paid artists on YouTube, 2020. 

Since he became a video artist and creator of children’s learning programs, he began to advertise and sell Blippi DVDs and Toys. He also made video content in Spanish. 

With all his work and projects, his other earnings come from his retail business of accessories, digital videos, and toys. 

He has a total net worth of $16 million.

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