Other than Yung Joc, there is another very infamous personality sharing the same profile with the latter American rapper. He is Young Dolph. Chicago is known to be the place to which he belongs. Young is known for ‘King of Memphis’ the first album of his singing career. The song skyrocketed to the Billboard chart and ranked 49th on the list. Young has also made an appearance in songs like Cut It, which again became a major hit on the Billboard chart. The American rapper’s actual name is Adolph Thornton, Jr. He is also a recording artist by profession who laid the foundation of a record company. Welcome To Dolph World has made his singing career surge upwards.

Personal Details

Full Name: Adolph Thornton Jr
Gender:  Male
Birthday: 11th August 1985
Place Of Origin: Memphis, Tennessee. U.S
Age: 35 years old
Height: 6 ft 3 inches
Weight: 78 kg
Nationality: American
Zodiac Sign Leo
Eye colour: Dark brown
Status: Married
Spouse: Mia Jaye
Profession: Professional Rapper
Total Net Worth: $3 million
How much Young Dolph Worth

How much Young Dolph Worth

Early Life Of Young Dolph

Adolph Thornton Jr, popular by his stage name Young Dolph, is a Leo by zodiac sign as his birth date is 11th August 1985. At the time he was a baby, his family relocated to Memphis Tennessee. Young shares his siblinghood with brothers and sisters. He is even known to have a cousin brother who was also a rapper but is no more in this world. He described his upbringing in one of the rap songs.

Personal Life

Young Dolph is not single. He became the father of two kids after marrying a podcast host from America, Mia Jaye. Dolph is the cousin brother of the late singer, Juice Wrld. Besides him, Key Glock also shares the same cousin relationship with the latter American rapper.

Music Career

Young Dolph started his musical career journey in 2008. He was unlucky to share his success and happiness with his grandma, who suffered from cancer disease and passed away. During the same year, he is known to have miraculously survived in an accident while driving and shooting. Everything that happened prompted Dolph to rise. And then he began his musical journey with songs with emotion.

There have been stories of rappers, who cooked stories about their experiences and incidents that they have never come across. Young was motivated by the people who partnered with him. They wanted him to come up with more music releases after they liked his song in the beginning. Although, it was merely for excitement. His musical career became possible when the Paper Route Campaign made a huge success. Four years back, Dolph entertained his fans with more songs during a live performance with a noted composer and actor. The motive was to boost the launch of his initial venture, King of Memphis.

Shooting Incident

Young Dolph had been targeted with gunfire. According to the report, there were multiple firings. It included multiple weapons and transport. Many news agencies have reported about this firing attack on him. The incident of firing on Young Dolph took place near a retail store. He was seriously wounded with gunshots and was admitted to the hospital. But there was nothing to be worried about his critical condition, as doctors confirmed his early discharge.

The person who was involved in attacking Dolph was held for attempt to murder charges. But later on, he was freed. No charges were levelled against him. However, the main reason behind the attack is the rift between Young and another rap singer. The matter did not become so widespread. But this incident came as an advantage for Dolph to endorse Bulletproof, his second hit album.

Back To Back Hits

Three years back from now, there came a single album of Young Dolph, named Major. Similar to the name, the album became a major success. A year back (2019), there came another hit album that also starred another American rapper, Key Glock. The album registered its entry in top music tracks. He came up with a new album, Rich Slave. It came after his other hit albums, one with a female rapper artist. He indicated the signal of racism through the title.

Net Worth Of Young Dolph

If you are a fan of this popular American rapper, then you must be interested in knowing his net worth figure. Well, it is around $3 million. His worth has risen exponentially on account of his back-to-back success in the music industry.

Inspiring Lesson You Can Learn From Young Dolph

Celebrities are always admired by their fans, be it their lifestyle, their choice, or anything. So just imagine, what impact would they have if they take some life lessons from them. Young Dolph finds knowledge to be more essential than any power. And when it comes to power, it naturally comes from knowledge. And there is no specific age of learning. You can keep learning for a lifetime. It is worth getting it more than a home.

Popular Sayings By Young Dolph

According to Young Dolph, if you are successful in making perfect music, then it will be admired by everyone. And better the music, better will be its outcome. He also described his tuning with Gucci Mane. Dolph considered him to be one of his best companions or a partner. When he was empty with features for Bulletproof, he preferred to include him. For Dolph, music is something that engages him and also his friends. Music has a remarkable power to make you feel a positive vibe and keeps you in a jolly mood. It is something which you cannot resist, and will always keep you entertained. Not sure whether what we do, but music is something that will be heard all the time.

So this is what you were reading about your favorite American rapper, Young Dolph. Keep grooving to his rap music. If you have been listening to the rap hits of young Joc or any other rap singer, then I suggest you include Young Dolph into your hit list and enjoy grooving over his top-rated songs.

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