Busta Rhymes is a popular name among the rappers other than Ludacris, Lil Scrappy, Young Dolph, Yung Joc, and many more. Busta is a multi-talented artist. Not many know that he is also an actor. Busta is a Grammy award winner for his noteworthy performances. The name Busta Rhymes with his stage name.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Trevor George Smith Jr.
Stage Name: Busta Rhymes
Gender: Male
Birthday: 20th May 1972
Place Of Origin: East Flatbush, New York, U.S.
Age: 48 years old
Height: 6 ft 
Zodiac: Taurus
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Unmarried
Children: Six
Profession: Actor, Rapper, Record producer, Voice Actor, Composer

How much Busta Rhymes worth

Early Life Of Busta Rhymes

Busta is a popular American rapper who was born in New York. He never took much interest in relocating with family. However, his family went to the UK when he was too young. The rapper spent his time in Liverpool. But he did his schooling in the United States.

Personal Life

Even though there is no fact about his relationship with any woman, still, he is known to be a father of six kids from the early 90s. Busta is associated with the Nation of Gods. According to this group, they consider white people are no lesser than devils. They also say that they are the foundation of Yakub, a reprobate scientist with black skin, around more than 5000 years ago. Busta considered himself to be a Muslim.


When Busta had not even passed out from his high school, he was already connected with an American group that gained attention when it became an active platform for another group. When these two American groups joined each other, Busta Rhymes got his first stage name.

After some years, the group remained no longer together and got separated. This was the time when Busta had started his career individually. He did it with other experienced talents with joined singles. The American rapper was prepared with his new coming musical album. After delivering super hit songs. Busta came up with his debut launch, The Coming. And this was the beginning of him as an individual singer.

Then came a hit song Fire it Up from his other album, during the 90s. At this stage, Busta reached fame as the best performing rapper worldwide. This uprising success brought Extinction Level Event, his other album. When Busta launched Anarchy in 2000, he turned to J Records from Elektra Records.

Making a Comeback After Failure

After the release of Anarchy with J Records, Busta came up with Genesis, his next album that came around 2001. This album features great artists. But this time, it failed to hit the charts in comparison to Busta’s previous hit albums. But the next year proved lucky in bringing average success for the American rapper with It Ain’t Safe No More. And after that, there was no looking behind for Busta, as another successful Chartbuster. This heightened the success rate of Busta as a rap singer.

While rising the ladder of success, Busta Rhymes made a deal with a record brand. The deal led to the launch of his latest album that came under controversy for hurting the religious sentiments of the Arab community. It was even banned by using the word Shahada.

Nine years ago, Busta joined with top-rated artists, for Look at Me Now. After Big Bang, this album too rocketed the charts bringing another success into his kitty. After that, he made a deal with another American record label, that paved the free launching of his ninth album, Year of the Dragon in 2012 on Google Play. This album also included Lil Wayne and other artists.

Busta Rhymes switched many record brands in expectation of its proper functioning. But the result came the opposite. He even stopped working in the record brand which he was associated with earlier. After some time, Busta came up with a new album launch.


After successful musical feats, Busta Rhymes made a debut as an actor in a 90s movie, Strapped. He also got another role in Higher Learning. And then he got follow-ups with three other movies, one such is Breaking Point. He even acted in television shows like Boondocks, Cosby, Big City Greens, and others.


No, I don’t mean he played any particular sports or have any special preference or hobby for any sport. Rather, he had been a character in video games like Def Jam Fight For NY and its sequel.

Faced Legal Charges

Even though Busta Rhymes has made a mark as a successful rap artist as well as an actor in movies like Breaking Point, he did face the brunt of the law, when he was held responsible for hitting a person in NYC. In another case, he was found involved in some issues with his driver regarding payment. In the same year, Busta Rhymes once again broke the law when he was held responsible for driving despite having a problem. The problem added more when he was not even carrying his license for driving. Hence, the American rapper was imposed with fines and other punishment by the law.

Monetary Problem

Apart from legal issues, Busta Rhymes has also faced monetary problems. He was held responsible for not paying the taxes that were due. The American rapper and actor never gave any explanations on this matter.

Net Worth

$20 million is supposed to be the net worth of this multi-talented artist, Busta Rhymes. Busta Rhymes has done a commendable job with his major hit albums. Today, he has become one of the popular rappers in America. The style of his rap performance is very speedy. Because of his successful feats, his name was nominated multiple times. And other than singing, Busta has also fared as an actor.

Busta has set an example of being a jack of all trades by donning multiple roles including acting, singing, producing, composing, and as usual being a successful rapper. So besides, Young Dolph, Lil Scrapper, Yung Joc and other artists, if you want to be groove on rap songs, then add Busta Rhymes in your favourite rapper list.

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