When it comes to counting talented actors in Hollywood cinema, then Robert Blake is the name that cannot be skipped. This American actor was born in 1933 on 18th September.

Robert is remembered for his iconic roles in movies like In Cold Blood. But besides movies, he has also acted in the American TV series. Baretta is one such example. Robert got his first break as a child artist in a film series of short length.

He essayed his acting talent in a film franchise (Red Ryder). In the latter film series and more grownup roles, Robert had played a Latino and AmericanIndian based character. After his tenure in the US Army, he went back to the entertainment world.

He was not limited to acting in movies but has also performed in television series. He kept on entertaining his fans until he got a role in the movie, Lost Highway, which came in 1997. Robert Blake had been charged for murdering his wife (from a second marriage) in 2005.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Michael James Gubitosi
Stage Name: Robert Blake
Gender: Male
Birthday: 18th September 1933
Place Of Origin: Nutley, New Jersey, U.S
Age: 87 years old
Height: 5 ft. 4 inches
Weight: 75 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Not clear
Status: Married
Spouse: Pamela Hudak
Profession: Actor
Total Net Worth: $100 million

How much Rober Blake Net worth

Early Life Of Robert Blake

Robert Blake was not lucky among those children who are pampered by their parents with unending love. It sounds disturbing but it is true. Even since he was a child, he was not treated well by his parents.

What can be worse to say that he was traumatized with sexual abuse along with physical torture? Fed up by the inhuman behavior of his parents, Robert managed to escape from the house at a very tender age.

As it says, time heals every old wound, same happened with him, when he became an iconic actor, who is still remembered for his stupendous performance in the crime genre movie, In Cold Blood’. Besides this, Robert has also played a cop in the movie Money Train. Read on to more about this marvelous actor and his journey of entertainment.

Personal Life

Robert Blake first married Sondra Kerr, an actress by profession. But their relationship did not last long, and finally, they got divorced. They have two children. Later on, he married another actress Bonnie Bakley. It is said that she was not having a good character. Bonnie used to harass older men for money matters.

Most of them were celebrities. She even cheated on Robert with another man, despite being in a relationship with him. Robert is known to be her 10th husband. According to a DNA report, it was proved that Robert was the father of her child.

He continued his relationship with Bonnie who was later murdered. During an interview, Robert at 82, hinted about a new love in his life but did not disclose her name. The actor later married Pamela Hudak. But this relationship also did not move further.

Acting Career

Robert Blake started his entertainment career with the Bridal Suite as a child actor. He then flocked to comedy films series, where he played a lead character. Red Ryder was a series where he essayed the role of a boy of native American. Till 1947, Robert had done around 23 movies.

Robert is known to have served in the American Army. At the time of his return at a very young age, he was unemployed. He suffered from mental stress and became a drug addict. But after some time, his life started getting on the right track.

After that, he never looked behind and walked on the path of success by once again getting into films and TV shows. He had so many wonderful movies in his acting kitty, some of them include Lost Highway and Blood Feud.

Baretta was one such television show, where Robert gathered many accolades for his superb performance and the award (Grammy) for it. If we closely notice his entertainment career, Robert gained much credit for acting.

Besides being a successful actor, Robert even wrote scripts and donned a new role in producing Television series and films as well during the decade of the 80s. Some of them include Murder 1 and Hell Town.

Bonney Blakey Murder

After gaining so much fame as an actor, Robert Blake was held for killing Blakey, his former wife. The murder took place inside the car Robert. The actor defended himself and refuted the accusation charges that were levied on him.

He was held responsible for the untimely death of Blakey for which he was supposed to pay a hefty sum amount. However, the amount was deducted to less. Apart from murder, Robert again fell into trouble when he was accused of not paying the due taxes by the state of California.

Sharing Worse Experiences

When charged with the murder of his second wife, life became upside down for Robert Blake. He even mentioned his experiences living behind bars and people’s view of suspicious character about him. During an interview to live media, Robert even disclosed his traumatic family history.

This was when a new woman came into his life. She was Pamela Hudak. She is the one who worked upon the evidence to free Robert from the murder case. He did marry her also, but their relationship ended in divorce.

Where Is He Now?

We fans are always inquisitive to know about the whereabouts of cine stars, even if they are not much active in films or TV shows. But curiosity to get updates of their living is something they cannot resist to know. For your information, Robert Blake is leading a healthy, peaceful life in Los Angeles.

Robert Blake Net Worth

No doubt, after giving notable performances in movies and TV shows, Robert Blake became an icon of acting. The court uplifted the murder charge on him, as he has not found guilty.

The more he earned, the more were his expenses. He even suffered major bankruptcy. After that, he found the best way of earning in giving interviews and performances. Currently, $100 million is known to be the net worth of Robert Blake.

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