As it says, talent lies in genes. Jade Smith is the best example of it. He is the son of a well-known Hollywood actor, Will Smith. Jade is known for his classic role in the movie The Karate Kid, which came ten years back. He even acted with his action star father in After Earth.

Apart from acting in movies, Jade loves to do singing and even writing them. Besides this, he also does rap songs. Jade is well-known for his mixtapes, hit music albums, and his pivotal role in The Pursuit of Happiness.

Personal Details 

Full Name: Jaden Christopher Syre Smith
Stage Name: Jaden Smith
Gender: Male
Birthday: 8th July 1998
Place Of Origin: Malibu, California, U.S
Age: 22 years old
Height: 5 ft 6 inches
Weight: 65 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Zodiac: Cancer
Profession: Rapper, songwriter, singer and actor
Total Net Worth: $8 million

Will Smith's son Jaden Smith

Jaden’s Early Life

Jaden was born in Malibu, California on 8th July 1998. He is the son of well-known actor parents. Besides Jade, Will Smith had two more children from his previous relationships. Jade never had to go to school, as his celebrity parents tutored him at home. But he did join a highly reputed school in California.

Now, being a son of top-rated actor parents, it is natural to expect the acting talent in their son, who displayed his acting craft in the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, sharing screen space with his father, Will Smith. The story revolves around the relationship between father and son played by Will Smith and Jade Smith themselves. It is based on real life. Jaden can be seen skateboarding. Better watch this classic movie filled with emotions, struggle, and more.

Personal Life

Will Smith had once revealed about Jaden’s consent over emancipation ruling on the occasion of his birthday. If you don’t have much idea about emancipation law, then you need to understand that it is a legal rule in America, when a child achieves an age, wherein he wants to be free from his parents’ control.

This rule applies to the guardian also. The guardian or parents also get free from the responsibility of the child. The Aladdin actor also made revelations about his children not adhering to any rigorous parenting rule. Will has no faith in giving punishment. When his son Jaden was a child, he would make him settle down. After that Jaden explained his doings and whether it was right to stand for him.

After execution of the emancipation law, Jade Smith was liberated from his parents and founded a new abode for himself in Hidden Hills. Jaden Smith sometimes is often criticized for his objectionable statements. He accepts himself as a theorist surrounded by conspiracies. He even believes in supernatural life existence.

Declaring Same-Sex Relationship

Well, it might sound surprising or shocking, whatever, the son of popular action star, Will Smith, revealed about his gay relationship with Tyler. However, the latter rapper never approved it.

Acting Career

Jaden Smith showed his acting skills when he appeared in the movies with Will Smith in the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness. This movie was inspired by both father-son duo’s real life. The interesting part of this movie is the featuring of Will as the onscreen father of his son Jaden.

The latter actor gained many accolades for the movie and even got an award. Later on, he got a mainstream role with martial art champ and actor, Jackie Chan in the movie The Karate Kid. It might be possible to see Jaden and Jackie return in its sequel.

Jaden Smith once again got the opportunity to act with his action star father, Will Smith, in the movie After Earth. The movie belonged to the genre of science-fiction and was directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Sadly, in comparison to their pairing in The Pursuit of Happiness, After Earth, proved a debacle at the box office.

With the failure of the film, Jaden’s acting talent also did not get positive reviews this time. This prompted him to switch his career from acting to music. But back in 2017, there came The Get Down, a Netflix series, where Jaden once again returned to acting.

And then he made a follow-up with his acting skills by playing the role of a skateboarder in an American drama film, Skate Kitchen. After that, he got a new project, Life in a Year, an adult-drama film. He even essayed a slave character in a movie that was based on a novel.

Musical Career

Besides showing his acting prowess in the number of movies he got, Jaden also proved himself as a rapper with another music icon, Justin Bieber. The song Never Say Never topped the music charts. He even released his mixtape The Cool Cafe followed by a sequel of it.

After that, Jaden started working on his debut album. But it did not release so soon, as it took almost years for completion. And finally, at last, Syre came into being. The album was the debut launch of Jaden Smith as a rapper. Then came Erys in the previous year.


Controversies seem to have been a common factor in the life of celebrities. Just take the case of Jaden Smith. He came into controversy when he did modeling wearing a skirt. When he was asked about what made him think to walk in female wear, he gave the reason for it. According to Jaden, he did this to avoid bullying. And it was not the first time he wore a skirt, he became the foremost male model in female attire for the fashion brand.

Jaden Smith Net Worth

Jaden Smith has shown his worth as an actor, singer as well as a rapper. $8 million is known to be the net worth of this talented son of Will Smith. As per the emancipation law in America, Jaden Smith soon got separated from his parents at a very tender age. He owned a house apart from his parental abode.

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