If you love spending your quality time watching drama series, then you must be liking the popular TV drama series, Animal Kingdom. The story revolves around an orphan child who is forced to live with his relatives that don’t show any sympathy towards him. The man behind the solid concept of this show is Jonathan Lisco. It might surprise you that the story of this crime drama series is adapted from the movie by a similar name.

Show Details 

TV Series: Animal Kingdom
Genre: Drama (Crime, family & serial)
Based on: Animal Kingdom by David Michod
Developed by: Jonathan Lisco
Place Of Origin: United States
Main Cast: Shawn Hatosy, Ellen Barkin, Jake Weary, Ben Robson and more
Original language: English
Network: TNT
Initial release: 14th June 2016 – present

Animal kingdom season 5 release date


Let me introduce the concept of this dramatic television show. It is the story of a teenage boy who becomes an orphan after the death of his mother. Circumstances force him to live in the company of his criminal-led relatives, who don’t have any affection for him. The family under which he is living is headed by a matriarch. The central character is portrayed by actor Ellen Barkin. She played this role till the fourth season. Ten years ago, the same character was played by Jackie Weaver in a movie of the same name.

More About Animal Kingdom Series

If you don’t want to confine your choices to watching the usual TV shows, then Animal Kingdom brings you the best source of entertainment with a stupendous script. It will keep you engaged with interesting changes. It is mixed with a double dose of two genres, crime, and drama. There was a movie with a similar title around ten years back from now. Flooded with positive responses, the movie became an ultimate hit.

All Kudos to its director who worked upon its story and gave a better crime-drama TV series that would engage the viewers to watch it with full interest. It is possible to see this TV series on Amazon. Especially if you have missed any of the previous episodes.

When Did It Begin?

The super infamous crime drama series made its debut around four years back in June. There were around 10 episodes in the first season of Animal Kingdom. It aired in June and ended in August in the same year (2016). Then came another season of this TV series in the successive year (2017). Compared to the first season, the second season aired thirteen episodes. But soon in the same year the TV series, Animal Kingdom got aired off.

Like in the second season, there were 13 episodes in the follow-up seasons (3rd & 4th) of this American TV series. Where the 3rd season began in May next year (2018) and got aired off in August the same year, the 4th one started last year (2019) and ended in August in the same year. After watching the previous seasons it has made many viewers impatient for the next series.

The major success of this American TV show can be judged if you watch all the series before. The way characters and events take place in the series keeps the viewers curious to know what will happen next. If you understand the story from the beginning, then it is obvious that you won’t be having enough patience to see the new series.

Getting likes

When Animal Kingdom released, it successfully gathered great response from its viewers because of its terrific and mind-blowing story plot. This show is ideal for those who love watching crime and drama series. Those who have watched this series will let you know about how it engages you with marvelous acting by the actors who are playing their assigned roles in it. Even though there has been no confirmed news about its follow-up, it won’t be wrong to say that it has become the most anticipated television show.

Covid Plays Spoilsport

Well, there is no reason to cheer up for Animal Kingdom fans, as there has been no final confirmation from the TNT network side regarding the airing of the 5th season. It was expected to hit the screens this year, but unfortunately, the global pandemic virus, Covid-19 has played spoilsport in its release. Because of this, the production team of Animal Kingdom dropped the idea of streaming its new season. Since there is still no assurance about the remedy for this ongoing virus. The release of Animal Kingdom’s fifth season will remain shut down by the producers.

2021: The Next Possible Release For Animal Kingdom 5th Season

According to officials, it might be possible to expect Animal Kingdom’s fifth season to be aired from next year, which is 2021. It might have launched in the later months of 2020, but it seems the situation of coronavirus is not letting it happen so soon. So sorry to say, you might have to wait for more time. The release of the fifth season of Animal Kingdom depends a lot on vaccines to come up in warding off this global pandemic virus. Only then you can possibly expect its possible release.

We all are aware of the fact that there is still no vaccination in the medical store that would shut down the cases of coronavirus. The global pandemic virus is still active and is affecting the lives of people. Not only health, but it has also badly affected the entertainment industry. This is the reason why there is so much delay in the Animal Kingdom upcoming season. 

If you missed any of the previous seasons of the Animal Kingdom series, then you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Sooner you will get to see third and fourth seasons also on it. So no need to be sad about not getting any updates of the fifth season. Till the time it comes, you enjoy its previous seasons. Moreover, there are other similar shows like the latter crime-drama series . You can also enjoy watching top-rated shows like Breaking Bad and others. And there is no doubt that these shows will keep you engaged like the Animal Kingdom series.

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