Lil Scrappy is one of the most famous personalities in the field of music. He shares a similar profile with his counterparts, Young Dolph and Yung Joc as an American rapper. However, the name which you are familiar with is a stage name. His real name is Darryl Kevin Richardson. But he is popularly known as Lil Scrappy.

The American rapper was born on 19th January 1984. Other than singing rap songs, he also writes it and is also a producer for recording. The journey of Scrappy in the music industry is very interesting. Once he was singing at a bar in Georgia when Lil Jon noticed him. Since then, he stepped into his first journey of music by signing the BME Recordings.

Personal Details

Full Name: Darryl Kevin Richardson
Stage Name: Lil Scrappy
Gender: Male
Birthday: 19th January 1984
Place Of Origin: Atlanta, Georgia, US
Age: 36 years old
Height: 5 ft 10 inches
Weight: 86 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Wife: Adi “Bambi” Benson
Profession: Rapper, songwriter and record producer
Total Net Worth: $1 million
How much Lil Scrappy Worth

How much Lil Scrappy Worth

Early Life

Lil Scrappy is an American rapper and his birthplace is in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother nourished him along with more siblings. Scrappy did mention the fact about his father who left his mother alone, when he was not even born. He did his schooling from the high school of Military rules.

Personal Life

Scrappy had married Erica Dixon, his ex-wife of whom he had a daughter named Emani. His relationship with her did not last long, and finally, they got divorced. Lil Scrappy had been in a relationship with Shay Johnson before. At present, he is married to Bambi Benson, a TV personality, and has a son from her. Their marriage took place in 2017 in September. And his son was also born in the same month in 2018.

Brief Facts About Scrappy’s Wife, Bambi Benson

Bambi Benson also shares similar qualities with her husband Lil Scrappy in being a rapper. But more than that, she is also an entrepreneur in the beauty field as well as a model. She also hails from the Californian city, Compton. She had been a supporting actress in the movie Basketball Wives LA. The movie came in 2012. Bambi made her debut guest presence in the third season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as a new girlfriend of her real husband Lil Scrappy. Just like her husband has a specific stage name, she is also known for different names including Adi Benson and Bambi Compton Breed.

Scrappy’s Rap Career

When it comes to exploring the rap career of Lil Scrappy, he was spotted by a very experienced stalwart in rap songs. The person was Lil Jon. In 2006, Scrappy debuted as a rap singer with the launch of Bred to Die, Born to Live. It was known to be his first debut venture as a rap artist. It not only included Scrappy himself, but also other rappers including Olivia and producer Lil Jon. After that when Scrappy came up with his solo launch of Money in the Bank, it rocketed the charts.

In 2008, came Prince of the South, Scrapper’s next album. There was an announcement by him regarding the distribution of this album via a record company. If you think Scrappy is only confined to his rap career, then let me correct you he is not. You might not be knowing that he proved his acting talent in the movie Just Another Day. The movie came long back in 2009. It centralized around the rappers living style and the facts about the industry of rap.

Then came part two of Prince of South by Scrappy. It was no grouped album. The launching of this album took place ten years back from now. Real Talk Entertainment is known to be behind its release. Before its launch, Scrappy came up with Addicted to Money, a solo album that came in 2009. There came another chance for the American rapper to show his acting prowess in the Love and Hip-hop Atlanta.

In the middle of his singing rap career, there were some delays. After that, Scrapper came up with a new album launch, The Grustle, that came eight years back. His solo album, No Love became very popular with maximum fans’ views on YouTube.

Awards & Achievements

Even though he has been a successful American rapper with hits like No Love, still, there have been no awards and achievement in his kitty.

Net Worth Of Lil Scrappy

Lil Scrappy has not only gained popularity as a successful American rapper, but he’s got a solid point to prove his worth. If you talk about his current net worth, then it is around $1 million. His albums are the main source of his income and livelihood. Not only by singing rap songs, but he has also proved his mettle in showcasing his acting talent in the movies he got the chance to act in. Although he always kept secrets about the payments he earned from the performances, one can speculate to be enough for a rapper to enjoy a rich lifestyle.

Scrappy Opinion On Transgender And Same-Sex Relationships

Scrappy is not the only American rapper who has entertained people with his top rapping charts. There are many other names like Yung Joc and Young Dolph. However, it all depends upon the choice of people. But what makes Scrappy different from his counterpart rappers is lending his voice for the cause or any subject. The American rapper did not shy away from speaking his opinion on the third gender, five years back. He emphasized Caitlyn Jenner, who voiced against them. This person had a notion that this community would have a bad impact on small innocent kids who might start imitating them. He also said about the non-acceptance of such things in the black community. Scrappy, however, has also said that he has no serious take on same-sex relationships.

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