Leah Marie Remini is one of the biggest names in the Hollywood film industry. If you love watching sitcoms, then you must be familiar with a popular actress like Suzanne Somers. But there is another very beautiful actress from America, whom I want to introduce to you.

She is Leah Marie Remini. This pretty face has proved her acting prowess in The King of Queens, where she was given the character of Carrie Heffernan. This show started in the 90’s decade and ended 13 years before from now. Leah shared her screen space with noted actor, Kevin James, in another popular sitcom, Kevin Can Wait. It was aired between 2017 and 2018.

Personal Details

Full Name: Leah Marie Remini
Gender: Female
Birthday: 15th June 1970
Place Of Origin: New York City,  U.S
Age: 50 years old
Height: 5 ft 3 inches
Weight: 59 kg
Nationality: American
Eye Colour Light brown
Hair colour: Dark brown
Status: Married
Husband: Angelo Pagan
Profession: Actress, author and activist
Total Net Worth: $25 million


How much Leah Remini worthLeah had been the co-host for a talk show program, named The Talk. It aired ten years back and is still running. She has even co-hosted a show in the name of herself, which was Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, that ended in the previous year (2019). It was started in 2016.

Acknowledging her acting talent, she bagged prestigious awards for her stellar performance in films like Handsome and Old School. Leah entertained her viewers with her stupendous comedy roles. Three years back, she also did a film mixed with comedy and romance. The film was the Second Act.

Since childhood, Leah had been a part of the Church of Scientology. Although, she did not continue much after and left it seven years back and condemned the organization publicly. She even launched an autobiography to reveal the reasons for her leaving the organization by sharing all her experiences. She even referred to a book that would give her reason to emphasize the experiences of other previous Scientologists.

Knowing About Her Early Life

According to her zodiac, Leah is a Gemini, as she was born on 15th June in 1970. Her parents belong to the profession in the teaching and owner of a company dealing in drawing out asbestos. Leah’s mother and father come from different descents. She accompanies a good company of her siblings, including a sister (elder to her), a brother, and stepsisters. Sadly, one of her half-sisters could not live long and lost her battle to cancer.

When it comes to religion, Leah was brought up in a Catholic follower family. Ever since her childhood, her mother became a member of the Church of Scientology. Since then Leah had grown to be a Scientologist. After long years, she came to another Californian city, Los Angeles accompanied by her mom. The remaining years of her teenage life were experienced in this city.

Personal Life

Leah Remini is not single. She is married to Angelo Pagan, who also shares the same acting profession with her. Their marriage took place in a reputed restaurant during the 90s era. They have a daughter, who was born after the 34th birth anniversary of her mom, Leah. She is also a Gemini according to her birth date, 16th June. Her father, Angelo Pagan has three sons from different partners.

Reason for Leaving Scientology

Seven years back in July, Leah Remini did not find the need to continue with Scientology and quit it. Now, you will be curious to know as to what made her quit it? She did give a reason for her decision on leaving it. According to Leah, the members were not supposed to question the leader of the Church, as per the policies. This prompted her to quit as soon as possible, as she had doubts over his character of misusing his power to dominate the members.

Acting Career

Who’s The Boss is known to be one of the initial best TV series, where Leah Remini essayed the role of Charlie Briscoe. This paved the series with the name Living Dolls. In this show, she shared screen space with one of the famous Hollywood movie actresses, Halle Berry. This show continued with a series of follow-ups when ultimately it was aired off.

In the 90s era, Leah had no abstinence in playing a supporting performer for a comedy show that did not continue for long. This show was The Man in the Family. She then again started getting mainstream roles in shows including Save by the Bell and Fired Up. She even bagged a role in the popular TV series, Friends. She essayed the character, Monica Geller after being finalized in the audition. Leah continued getting meatier roles because of her stupendous acting talent. She even performed in The King of Queens, a CBS sitcom in 1998, where she was given the role of Carrie Heffernan. The series became a super hit and continued with its follow up series till 2007.

Amid her show timing, Leah again did a role which was again in the supporting lead. It was a comedy movie that came in 2003. It was Old School. There was even a reality show on a popular entertainment channel, VH1, where Leah herself starred in it. After the completion of the show The King of Queens, she appeared in another web series, In the Motherhood. Here she acted with actresses like Jenny McCarthy. After that Leah followed her acting prowess in more number of sitcoms.

Sitcoms to Movies

Leah had experimented with her talent in co-hosting a talk show. She even came to the fifth position when she participated in a dance show, seven years back. Remini has not confined herself only to sitcoms. She has made people notice her performances in multiple movies like The Clapper, and a mystery movie, Handsome on Netflix. She has acted with acting stalwarts like Vince Vaughn.

Own Production Company

In the current year (2020), No Seriously Productions came as the new production company of Leah Remini. Seeking Justice was known to be her first production that emphasized on those institutions that have sustained abuses (physical as well as mental).

Leah Remini’s Net Worth

The net worth of Leah Remini is known to be around $25 million. Besides this, you must know that she has a big square foot mansion in her birthplace, California. Leah is known to have paid a hefty price for her dream home in seventeen years back. It includes all the basic facilities she desired to have.

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