If you love watching Hollywood movies, then you indeed must be a fan of many top-notch Hollywood actresses. Joining this list is another big-famed actress, Suzanne Marie Somers.

She was born in 1946 on 16th October. If you think acting is her only profession, then let me correct you. She has expertise in other fields including business, health, singing and even authoring. She has acted in television shows like Step by Step and Three’s Company.

Personal Details

Full Name: Suzanne Marie Somers
Gender: Female
Birthday: 16th October 1946
Place Of Origin: San Bruno, California, U.S
Age: 74 years old
Height: 5 ft 5 inches
Weight: 63 kg
Nationality: American
Eye Colour Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Status: Married
Husband: Bruce Somers
Profession: Actress, singer, author and businesswoman
Total Net Worth: $100 million

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A Glimpse into The Life of Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers hails from California. Her family belongs to the Irish-Catholic religion. Her life had never been so green, as she faced many hard times, since her childhood. Yes, it is true. As a child, she had been a victim of her alcoholic father’s harsh behavior. However, she did enjoy her school life, by becoming a cheerleader. Suzanne was married at a very tender age and became a mother to a child. Her marriage could not survive beyond three years.

Personal Life

As mentioned above, Suzanne had a very dark childhood. She had suffered a lot of humiliation by her own father who was an alcoholic. Suzanne is the third child among her siblings. She was brought up in a catholic family. Her mother was in the profession of the medical field. Suzanne’s labourer father had teased her a lot with foul names and tortured her. She was merely a child of six years then.

Suzanne had been a cheerleader in her school in California. A college run by a Catholic organization had got her admission into it. At a very young age, she experienced marital life with her life partner Bruce Somers and became the parent to Bruce Jr., their son. But her marriage did not work for more than three years.

After being awarded with a prize model on a show hosted by Alan Hamel, Suzanne found a new life partner in him, resulting in marriage. Now, she is a granny to 3 cute granddaughters.

Acting Career

Coming to her career feats, Suzanne Somers became popular in 1969 when she presented herself as a prize model on a game show. This was the time when she met her second life partner, Alan Hamel, the host of the show, whom she married later. Suzanne is remembered for her iconic role in the movie, American Graffiti. She added more roles to her acting kitty with more shows including The Rockford Files. She had also acted in Magnum Force. But her role was not too big in it. But she did it with no qualms.

Suzanne continued getting meaty roles in shows like Three’s Company. In this sitcom show, she essayed the role of a speechless blonde character, but had also been a sex symbol due to her acting prowess. The show became a huge hit with good ratings. Now, after gaining so many accolades for her acting, Suzanne became much demanding for an increase in her acting incentives. She was expelled later due to this. Suzanne took it very seriously and charged a network with hefty sum loss. She also made accusations regarding her reputation that has been affected badly. However, she did get her amount, if not fully, ending the issue.

After her stellar performance in shows like Three’s company, Suzanne became uncomfortable to continue with sitcoms, ever since she was expelled from the TV series. But soon she made her comeback with another sitcom show, She’s The Sheriff. It continued with two follow up series. After this, she continued with another sitcom show, step by step in the 90’s decades. This show continued to entertain its viewers with multiple series that came after the other. This made Suzanne a superstar of TV series.

Now, after gaining so much fame from these hit entertainment shows, Suzanne became the host for talk shows. Five years back, she once again gave her stellar performances in more shows including Dancing with the stars.

Featuring in Playboy Magazine

She once again had an issue with the very popular adult magazine, Playboy. With the name, you can understand that Suzanne posed naked for the shoot. She did this as she was a solo parent, who was unable to make payment for her dues. Initially, she was reluctant and shy to drop her clothes, but somehow she prepared her mind for it, finally. However, the actress refused her participation in posing nude. This made the adult magazine print her pictures to prove her wrong. This made Suzanne so furious and once again she took her stand against the magazine, which ended after a settlement of a large amount. The cause of her worry was her son. She did not want him to feel embarrassed for watching his mother stark naked. She feared it might affect his mental condition.

After some years, Suzanne once again made a comeback on the adult magazine, which she had sued before for posting her nude pictures. This time she returned with a different mindset to bring back her falling career on track. So she posed naked second time on Playboy. Her son, however, confessed that he did watch her mother’s naked pictures. It all happened despite Suzanne’s reluctance to not let her son watching it.

Serious Health Issue and A Sensational Report

Suzanne Somers suffered a severe health problem of breast cancer of the second stage. To win her life over cancer, she had a treatment of lumpectomy and then later got cured by radiation treatment. However, she also went for chemotherapy. There came a sensational report of Suzanne’s house Malibu destroyed by a wildfire in her place of origin, California.

Owning Multiple Abodes in California

Suzanne and her husband are the owners of multiple abodes in California. The couple has a big mansion in Palm Springs. Since the 1970’s, Suzanne and her hubby had taken ownership rights of their property.

Net Worth of Suzanne Somers

If you are interested in knowing the net worth of Suzanne, then it is $100 million. She and her husband, as stated above, own a series of mansions in California. She is also known for authoring books related to the medical field.

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