Yung Joc doesn’t need any special introduction. Born in 1980 on 20th September, he is an iconic figure in the music world. The American Rapper’s real name is Jasiel Robinson. Four years back, he made his fans groove to his blockbuster song ‘’It’s Goin Down’’.

Personal Details

Full Name: Jasiel Robinson
Stage Name: Yung Joc
Gender: Male
Birthday: 20th September 1980
Place Of Origin: Atlanta, Georgia, US
Age: 40 years old
Height: 5 ft 8.5 inches
Weight: 86 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Wife: Alexandria Robinson
Profession: Rapper, songwriter and producer
Total Net Worth: $8 million

How Much Yung Joc Worth

A Brief Insight Into The Life Of Yung Joc

If you are a fan of this American rapper, then you must be interested in knowing about his early life. Yung Joc’s father is known to have been the owner of a company dealing in products related to haircare. This gave Yung a golden chance of penning down a jingle for a company named Revlon. After that, this American rapper came up with his own ‘Mastermind’ brand and introduced his music. He did not complete his schooling further and took up construction work in a firm. Soon he discovered his talent for lyrics writeup.

Personal Life

The life of celebrities has always remained mainstream entertainment news for everyone. So obviously, you will be keen to know the personal life of Yung Joc. The American rapper is married to four women and is the father of multiple twins. In the current year (2020) he was spotted driving for a ridesharing company. There were estimations about his facing financial crunches. However, Joc refuted all these speculations by giving a reasonable statement. According to him, he did this to showcase to children about the importance of a hard fork. The ride was a volunteer portion with an NGO.

Revealing more facts of his personal life, the recording studio of Yung Joc was once robbed in 2011. $70K was the approximate figure amount that was taken away by the robbers. The items that were robbed included a hard drive and an appliance used for the studio. The drive comprised music of Yung Joc which was yet to be released. The identity of the robbers was however revealed by the American rapper according to an announcement. Yung was familiar with one of the criminals.

Television Series

Yung Joc had also been a member of the supporting cast when he participated in a reality show series, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, six years back. The first season of Scared Famous, was completed by Yung as per the announcement in 2017.

Music Career

Yung Joc’s music career started with the co-recording of the song, “It’s Goin Down” by Nitti Beatz. But soon, this American rapper teamed up with Russel Spencer who signed him for a huge project, Bad Boy South, thereby paving the way for Yung Joc’s debut with New Joc City.

After this, Yung Joc was also seen in other popular songs like ‘’Show Stopper’’. The American rapper is known to have been ranked 20 in the list of richest rappers by Forbes. The reason Yung Joc made it to this list is all because of his music feats like I Know U See It, and It’s Goin Down rocketing the music rapper charts.

In 2007, Yung Joc came up with another music launch named Hustlenomics. The latter album performed much better during the first week with more than 60,000 copies sold. It came third on a record chart ranking, Billboard 200. In the coming weeks, the graph peaked higher, when more copies of Hustlenomics were sold. In the later years, Yung Joc appeared in blockbuster solo albums. The American rapper is also featured in another single music album, Imma Put It On Her.

Mr Robinson’s Neighbourhood is the initial solo album of Yung Joc. A solo music video was also launched. Eight years back, there came an announcement of the disbanding of Jive Records with Jive Records and Arista Records. After this closure, Yung Joc joined other artists who had approved of these music brands before. The American Rapper with other artists was about to launch newbie stuff.

Then in the following year, ‘’I Got Bitches’’ was launched as the Yung Joc’s first official third album. He also came up with ‘Featured’’, another new second solo album, where T-Pain also appeared.


Yung Joc has been nominated six times in 2006 but got the award for It’s Goin Down, the best track of the year. Yung Joc’s name also came up for the nominations but popular rap song, It’s Goin Down was once again nominated in the Grammy Awards.

The infamous song of Yung, It’s Goin Down once again made it to the top nominations to the awards for the best music video. This song was also nominated for other awards.


Besides having a successful musical career, Yung Joc has also been surrounded by controversies.

A song had a controversial line in the album by Gucci Mane. However, Yung Joc replied while having a conversation on a radio show, saying about Gucci, on how he has the expertise of having his name on the mouth of people. He commented on being aware of his monetary situation. There came another controversy of Yung Joc.

In 2009, the American rapper is known to have sued two of his beginner brands for not paying him for his music royalties. However, later on, the matter was settled. But there is not much evidence about the differences between Joc and one of the beginner Brands. Both these brands have even faced copyright issues by some music companies.

Other Contributions

Ten years back, Swagg Team Entertainment became the new record brand by Jive Records formed by Yung Joc. It became possible after legal issues with music companies.

Net Worth Of Yung Joc

$8 Million is the net worth of American rapper-singer, Yung Joc. He gets his earnings from his musical talent and his participation in TV series. Yung Joc is known to have a huge amount of record sales from his popular hits and earns a pretty good amount from his performances in each show he participates in. Another way of earning is the popular medium where all streaming of the latest videos and songs are uploaded to YouTube. As a highly popular singer who is followed in various parts of the world, Joc’s music videos are highly regarded and loved all over the world.

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