Ludacris is a popular figure in the entertainment world of rap songs and acting. He was born in 1977 on 11th September in the United States. Disturbing tha Peace is known to be the foremost brand of this American-Gabonese artist during the 90s era. After this, he signed more offers and became a mainstream rapper with its later releases. Ludacris is not his original name. His full name is Christopher Brian Bridges and is the recipient of prestigious music awards.


Personal Details 

Full Name: Christopher Brian Bridges
Stage Name: Ludacris
Gender: Male
Birthday: 11th September 1977
Place Of Origin: Champion, Illinois, US
Age: 43 years old
Height: 5 ft 8 inch
Weight: 77 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Wife: Eudoxie Mbouguiengue
Profession: Rapper, actor, record executive, philanthropist and entrepreneur
Total Net Worth: $25 million

How much Ludacris net worth

Early Life

Ludacris was born as Christopher Brian Bridges in Champion, Illinois, US on 11th September 1977. The world knows him with his popular stage name Ludacris.  The American rapper did his schooling in Chicago for a short period. Ludacris has no siblings. Born as a single child, his parents made a constant visit to parts of America. After Chicago, Ludacris continued his schooling in Virginia. Then again his parents relocated to another destination, Atlanta. This was the place where Christopher Bridges or Ludacris became familiar with the music world by becoming a part of a community.

Personal Life

Ludacris had been in multiple relationships until he finally married Eudoxie Mbouguiengue in 2014 in Costa Rica. And in the next year, he became father to a daughter from her current spouse. Ludacris even got the citizenship of Gabonese with his family in 2020.

Musical Journey Of Ludacris

After Ludacris completed his schooling, he learned the art of managing music from Georgia State University. This was the beginning of his getting introduced to the music world. But Ludacris had an interest in music at a very tender age. He used to pen down raps. When he started growing more, he became part of the groups that were specialized in rap music. Ludacris even made links with other rappers including Timbaland at the time of his college days. He made his first debut appearance with the latter rap artist album, Phat Rabbit. He then became serious to launch his debut venture.

Initial Launches

During the 90s decades, the preparations of the Ludacris debut album launch had begun with recordings. The American-Gabonese rapper name became the centre of attention during recordings. Ludacris even disclosed the meaning behind his stage name, which was a person with a split character or insane. Even though Incognegro his debut album failed to top the charts. But it gave the rapper the popularity he deserved.


Well, it was just a beginning. The failure of his debut album did not affect him much deeply, as there was a second opportunity waiting for him. Ludacris was signed by Def Jam Records for Back for the First Time. Now, this became a major hit in comparison to its first failed album. It rocketed to the top music charts. There were other important names mentioned in the album.

Post Music Albums

Ludacris came up with the following new albums including Chicken-n-Beer. However, the latter album failed to make much impact due to the absence of singles in comparison to Word of Mouf, one of his two albums. In the later years, Ludacris became a much common name among the music fans. Because of ample singles in his album, it paved Ludacris’s musical journey to scale new heights.


The rapper always gained attention through his music-related videos. His achievement and hard work made his name entered into the nomination list for Grammy. Ludacris even joined with popular music stalwarts like Kanye West and Snoop Dogg.


The Red Light District also paved success for Ludacris, his fourth album that rocketed charts including some other well-known artists. He continued with his pattern of hit singles with other musical talents. One such example to mention is Money Maker. It peaked at the top position on music charts. Then more other albums were launched by Ludacris from 2008. Even though his albums like the Battle of Sexes did have major singles artists, still, it failed to make an impact on listeners in comparison to Luda’s previous albums. The rapper again returned with Ludaversal, his other new album. And this time, it became successful by topping the charts with good feedback.

Ludacris Own Musical Art

Be it an actor or a singer, each has a unique way of presenting their master skills. In comparison to other rap music, Ludacris has a distinctive style. If you observe his style of singing pattern, then it is too speedy with wildness. He often mixes comedy in his musical art.

Luda Knows To Act

If you think Ludacris is only known for being a successful American rapper, then you are wrong. This talented artist has even excelled as an actor with films like Crash, and everyone’s favourite, Fast & Furious. He acted in all the series. Apart from movies, Ludacris has also made his presence on the small screen as well as video gaming.

Owning Businesses

Other than musical rap-singing and showing his mettle as an actor in top-notch films like the Fast & Furious series, Ludacris is also an entrepreneur. The musical career is the medium of his huge earnings. In the previous years, he has earned much well from his musical feats and acting prowess. But the American Rapper is also the owner of different business ventures. Besides this, Ludacris is also known for owning a restaurant. The main source of his huge income comes from endorsing top brands. The notable rapper even owns a big and astonishing estate in Georgia.


Financial Issues

Ludacris faced a serious financial problem six years back. The issue was regarding the payment for supporting the child. The matter was initiated by the rapper’s ex-girlfriend who dragged him to the court. She wanted Ludacris to support her with the money for her daughter’s upbringing. Ludacris described his poor financial condition to the court and even explained his financial stature. He ensured the court about the payment matter as he had expectations from the Fast & Furious movie series. But he got a shock when the untimely death of Paul Walker became the breaking news.

Net Worth Of Ludacris

Ludacris, the American-Gabonese rapper is known to have a net worth of around $25 million.

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