If you love watching rib-tickling comedy movies, then I am sure you must have enjoyed watching Dirty Grandpa. The movie came four years back. It did good business even though it faced criticism for its lewd content. What makes this movie special is its megastar cast like Robert De Niro, Zack Efron, and other co-actors. It seems exciting to see two actors from different genres sharing screen space for the first time. Now, there is a curiosity brewing in everyone’s mind to see the pairing of these talented actors once again with the sequel of Dirty Grandpa. As of now, there is no such final update about Dirty Grandpa 2 release. It might come next year.

Movie Details 

Movie: Dirty Grandpa
Genre: Comedy
Written by: John M. Philips
Directed by: Dan Mazer
Produced by: Bill Block, Jason Barett, Michael Simkin, Barry Josephson
Main Cast: Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Julianne Hough, Aubrey Plaza
Original language: English
Country: United States
Distributed by: Lionsgate

Dirty Grandpa 2 Release Date

Story Plot

It was astonishing to see a veteran actor like Robert De Niro acting with the heartthrob and handsome actor, Zack Efron. The latter young actor did not have many hits into his kitty leaving aside Neighbours. But it is not Zack alone who needed a movie, where he could do his best and add another hit. Robert De Niro too was not equipped with any movie offers. Dirty Grandpa came as a sigh of relief for these two actors. Now, it was really exciting to see an age-old actor performing with the new ones.

Now, let me update you about the plot of this grand hit comedy movie. Dirty Grandpa, under the direction of Dan Mazer, revolves around two major characters of different generations. It is a story of a boy who is uncontrolled and is made to drive around his grandfather’s car. The grandfather played by Robert De Niro, is a lustful person but is an ex-Army Lieutenant Colonel. He urges his grandson, Jason Kelly, to go to Florida since he can no longer use his driving license, as it is suspended. The marriage of Jason with his fiancée comes to a halt when he agrees to his dirty grandpa’s request.

Condemned For Lewd Humour

The prequel of Dirty Grandpa took place four years back on 22nd January. Indeed, it is a great movie to watch with your friends, but are you aware of the fact that this movie was criticized for its lewd humour? Yes, it is true. But despite all odds, it could not stop the success of the movie at the box office. After celebrating the movie’s success, it prompted the production company to come up with its follow-up. Adding on to it, the distributor, Lionsgate, has the onus to strike the proper balance between the movies that are successful, either critically or commercially. So there are chances to make fans overjoyed with the good news of Dirty Grandpa 2.

There have been no official announcements by the production company, star cast, as well as filmmakers regarding any new updates about the movie. With the success of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, there might be the possibility to upgrade the quality of cinema through the second follow-up of Dirty Grandpa. So all can be known about the movie, accept its undecided sequel title.

What Will Be The Plot Of Dirty Grandpa Sequel?

When it comes to movies like Dirty Grandpa, it lets filmmakers explore different genres. If the sequel of this movie happens, viewers might have to see new adventures by Dick Kelly’s character exploring his lustful activities to do something unusual. The movie no matter was a hit due to its perfect comic scenes. But more than that, it was good to see the actors of two different generations sharing a good bonding. There might be the launch of some new faces by the producers, after experiencing the huge gain from the movie.

Star Cast Of Dirty Grandpa 2

It was the star cast including senior artists like Robert De Niro, Zack Efron, and others that paved the movie bagging prestigious movie awards. This notable success might bring back these star cast again. Robert De Niro had done three movies in the previous year. All these movies he acted in were of different genres – comedy, crime, and thriller. At present, there are no new movies in his kitty. Other actors like Zack Efron and Audrey Plaza are also busy in different projects.

Possible Release Of Dirty Grandpa Sequel

Dirty Grandpa was the tremendous hit movie of 2016. If there is any green signal of its sequel, then you won’t have to wait for long as it might hit the theatres next year, which is 2021. There are only two remaining months left to bid farewell to 2020. Till then enjoy the prequel.

About Robert De Niro

Well, you might wait for the Dirty Grandpa 2 till the next year, till then I want you to know about Robert De Niro, the central character of Lt. Colonel Dick Kelly. Robert De Niro is one of the versatile actors of Hollywood cinema. He was born in 1943, in New York City on 17th August. Mere watching his tickling comedy in Dirty Grandpa does not make him stereotyped in a particular genre. He has done movies with loads of violent visuals and brash characters.

After seeing De Niro superb acting in the movie Mean Streets, the director of the Academy Award-winning movie, Godfather, signed him for the second part without screen testing. He played the young age of the character in Godfather 2. The character Robert De Niro played in Godfather earned him global fame. He received the prestigious Oscar award for the supporting role.

After getting immense success and being awarded for the best supporting role, Robert De Niro experimented on more different roles. Some of his ultimate movies include The Deer Hunter, Taxi Driver, 1900, Raging Bull, and others. Before comedy, De Niro had an image of playing dark roles. Because of his unmatched acting prowess, he was awarded for such movies.

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