Other than movies, there are alternate forms of entertainment, where you can relax and tune in to watch television series. We all have been a fan of Game of Thrones seasons and liked each character portraying their iconic roles. Well, my emphasis is not on GOT, but on The Gift, a popular Turkish TV series aired on Netflix.

Show Details


TV Series: The Gift
Genre: Mystery, psychological, thriller, science fiction
Written By: Jason George, Nuran Evren Sit
Direction: Ozan Aciktan, Gonenc Uyanik, Ali Taner
Place Of Origin: Turkey
Main Cast: Beren Saat, Mehmet Gunsur, 
Original language: Turkish
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 16

The Gift Season 2 Release Date

Story Of Atiye From First Season Of The Gift Series

In the first season of The Gift series, it is important to know the background of Atiye, the role played by Beren Saat. She is a painter who sells pictures that include unique signs in the art exhibition. She is supported by Ozan, her companion. When the latter observes the signs matching with Atiya’s ancient cave, then the story gets more interesting to find the exact reason including revelations from the house, some unknown findings of family, and awaited danger that lies ahead.

The beginning episodes emphasize the pyramid of mystery that circulates the character of Atiye and Erhan, the character played by Mehmet Gunsur. The story moves ahead with all different issues in family and upcoming danger that becomes the barrier in the way of these characters. The first season of The Gift leads to abundant sci-fi experience that covers the most pivotal queries in the series introduction. If you watch the first season of this series, then you will find so many ideas in an enthralling style. It will uncover the truth about those puzzles that are co-related to Atiye and the signs. Well, it does not reveal many answers to all that is happening.

What So Special About The Gift First Season?

The first season of The Gift that revolves around the adventure will keep you engaged even if you are eager to watch it for another sequel. You won’t experience any off-track of this TV series turning into stereotypes, love stories, and hatred at the time when you are inquisitive to know the unfolding of mysteries forward. There is much to see besides characters fighting and experiencing their relationship sorrows. 

Engaging Background Sceneries

The show will keep you engaged with its astonishing landscape background shots, enough to grab the interest of the viewer. The cinematography is good at letting things go in a faster way. The interior shots in this show do not seem too captivating in comparison to the shots taken on the exterior. Watching the rising sun and dipping is something that will hold your attention with its pleasant view. 

Worth To Watch

The episodes revolving around the Atiya character surrounded by mysteries is something that will hold your attention. It is not among the other shows that cannot be constantly viewed. Although, some dramatic scenes seem just inserted forcibly. The Gift lets users wait and watch the series of ongoing events. The show will not make you lose interest in leaping to a conclusion. It will keep you stuck with curiosity about what will happen in the next series. There might be some shortcomings in this show, but not that much. The Gift remains an interesting watch show on Netflix.

Why On Netflix?

Netflix is one of the popular leading internet platforms to view TV series like The Protector and The Gift. The foundation of Netflix was made in 1997, California by March Randolph and Reed Hastings. It is a production company providing media services. The Gift TV series which is aired on it is based upon a Turkish novel. The show, however, has got mixed responses. It was much more engaging when it showed mystery surrounded by archaeology exploration about the signs and concealing facts. But soon it turned into a drama of family experiences testing the patience of viewers to watch it for long hours. Still, one cannot say that the show is dragged from its storyboard. It did generate its fan following. And when it is on Netflix, then viewers just cannot wait long for the second season.  

Gift Season 2: Is It More Engaging To Its Prequel?

Now, comes The Gift second season having eight episodes. And yes, it is much more engaging than its prequel as now we have been familiar with the concept and the role of characters in the show. Beren Saat’s Atiye character has been pitched well who is surrounded by mysteries involving her father and other characters. The Gift Season 2 has already been aired from 10th September 2020. The casting of the show remains the same with Atiye, the central character played by Beren Saat followed by Melisa Senolsun, Meral Cetinkaya, Mehmet Gunsur, and others.

Atiye’s mother (played by Basak Koklukaya) is the only person who is familiar with her. She has been focused on exploring the truth of the temples that are unknown and other forecasting surrounding it. However, the old missing temple, which she has been mentioning of is explored by Erhan played by Mehmet Gunsur, and Tim Seyfi character Serdar who has been into mining operations in the place. The mystery becomes more exciting. 

The Gift Season 2 will surely hold the attention of its viewers as it will bring more new mysteries and new lively occurrences in the show. Atiye, being the central character, will experience more new adventures along with other characters played by the star cast of this Turkish TV show. Viewers who had been bored with the family dramatic scenes are not going to experience it in the second series. Moreover, Gift season 2 will be less dramatic and more specific in its implementation, focusing more on mystery than the usual relationship stuff. Just as its prequel, viewers will continue to watch stupendous landscape visuals which is the plus point of this TV series. 

So stay tuned to Netflix and explore more upcoming mysteries in The Gift Season 2.

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