There is a famous phrase that reads ‘laughter is the best medicine’. So the one who makes you laugh is the best doctor. If you are a movie buff, then you must have been enjoying rib-tickling comedy scenes in the movie.

There are many comedian actors you must be knowing from Hollywood. Today, I am going to tell you about an actor who is known for his spectacular sense of humour. He is Ray Romano, a package of good looks with the quality to make someone laugh.

Raymond is not merely a stand-up comedian but is also a spectacular actor. Besides acting and comedy, he also does screenwriting. If you like watching sitcom shows, then you will find his stellar performances on TV shows like Everybody Loves Raymond. He even got awarded for this show. If you have seen the Ice Age movie, then the voice of the character Manny is of his.


Personal Details 

Full Name: Raymond Albert Romano
Stage Name: Ray Romano
Gender: Male
Birthday: 21st December 1957
Place Of Origin: New York City, US
Age: 62 years old
Height: 6 ft 2 inch
Weight: 80 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Wife: Anna Scarpulla
Profession: Stand-up comedian, actor and screenwriter
Total Net Worth: $200 million

How Much Ray Romano Net Worth

Early Life

Romano’s full name is Raymond Albert Romano and he was born on 21st December, in New York, Queens. The comedian-actor comes from an American-Italian family. The actor has always gathered attention for his versatile acting skills. His family became an inspiring example that paved the popular show, Everybody loves Raymond.

The performances that you see in this 90’s hit sitcom, are all inspired by his own family. It includes childhood, being a father, as well as hubby. Romano has also done specialization in accountancy from a New York-based college. Fran Drescher, another big name in the list of comedians, had been his classmate.

Personal Life Of Comedy Star

There is an interesting story behind Romano meeting his life partner Anna Scarpulla. Their love blossomed while working in a bank. They have a daughter; whose name is also in the sitcom comedy show Everybody Loves Raymond.

Most of the time the names in this sitcom show are similar from real to what is portrayed in the show. But there was a time when Romano was not comfortable with naming the children on the popular show, the same inspired by his kids in real life. Hence, he made changes to it.

There have been multiple performances made by family members of Romano. His daughter too essayed the character of Molly into this popular TV show. He almost included all of his family including his father and brother into the top-notch sitcom comedy series. One of the episodes you can see them is The Toaster, Debra at the Lodge, and others. His sweetheart wife, Anna, too was seen performing the role of a mother of kids in school, in The Angry Family.

Eight years back, Romano made some revelations about his wife suffering from serious disease, breast cancer, and ultimately winning the battle over it. He further explained the reason for public appearance is for a cause. And the main motive was the help given to people.

The standup comedian-actor shared an immense friendship with the one who essayed the role of a mother in his popular TV show. Yes, she is Doris Roberts. When she passed away, Romano deeply expressed the grief of her loss, as he wanted to learn a lot from her. According to Romano, she was the one who made him feel eased while performing.


When Romano was pursuing his study on accounts, he was also doing jobs part-time. The bug of comedy hit him and he made up his mind to do comedy. It all came by the inspiration from other comedy shows that became major hits in New York City.

This prompted Romano to make stand-comedy his lifetime career. And the luck was really in his favour as he won many competitions that were based on performances on comedy. The Johnny Walker Comedy Search is known to be one such example where he became part of it.

This was the beginning of Romano’s career as a stand-up comedian. He appeared on television shows like MTV’s Half-Hour Comedy during the 90s. He made constant appearances on the comedy channels. Now, there was no looking behind for Romano, as his comedian career was now going to rise.

The comedian-actor started getting roles and also participated in more shows as a contestant. The actual break in his career kick-started with The Late Show with David Letterman. Romano successfully won the heart of the show host, who decided to make him part of the sitcom show of his own. Since then, he has continued climbing the ladder of success.

Everybody Loves Raymond became the epitome of sitcom comedy, because of its successful launching under the production company of David Letterman. The sitcom made its debut in 1996.

This sitcom show became successful all because of the maximum viewership that got it awarded two times. Even the actor, Romano too was awarded a Grammy. It created a milestone as a TV show and ran for fifteen years. Romano even became the highest television paid star in entertainment history.

Prominent Roles In Films

After the tremendous success of Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray Romano experimented with roles in movies like Grilled and The Irishman. He even gave the voiceover to Manny, the woolly mammoth elephant from the Ice age movie series. For all the animation lovers, let me tell you that Ice Age is one of those animated highest grosser movies in the history of films.

Romano bagged a leading role in a comedy series on the Epix. Last year, he had acted in the movie Paddleton, which belongs to the comedy genre. If you are a diehard fan of Romano’s comic acting, then better do not miss watching the comedy sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond. It should be at your top list. 

Net Worth of Ray Romano

$200 million is known to be the net worth of Ray Romano, the comedian, actor, and screenwriter.

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