Analyzing the Google traffic drop for your SEO can be very effective in understanding how your SEO is performing. For example, if you open your Google Search traffic and find out that it has dropped, then what would be your first action? A significant drop in your organic search traffic can take place due to a variety of reasons.

However, while sometimes it is easier to understand what has happened to your search traffic, similarly, it can be daunting enough for you to find out what exactly has happened if you have put in the maximum effort already.

Thus, analyzing the search traffic for your SEO can be very helpful in understanding the necessary changes you need to perform for it. You can avail service from SEO Agency to have better analysis and understanding for the drop in your search traffic. Here is how do you do it:

Know the reasons that can cause a drop in your search traffic:

There can be multiple reasons which are influencing the drop in your search traffic. What you need to figure out properly is to work on it. Looking at the probable reasons that can cause this drop, you can sketch an idea on how to analyze your problem or on which area you have to focus and work on. Have a look:

  • Security-related issues:

One of the major reasons behind the significant drop in your website traffic can be security-related issues. In case your site is getting affected by a security-related threat, then Google will try its best to prevent the users using that site by sending them security alerts.

This is why it is important to update your site’s security from time to time. Looking at such warnings, your visitors might decide to quit clicking on those links. Hence it can be one of the reasons why you see a drop in your site traffic.

  • Technical issues:

Technical issues are quite common for your websites which can affect your site in a much negative way. Various technical errors like crawling, indexing, etc., can affect your page in many ways.

Other issues like a misplacing of the no-index tag, or the page error issues, can affect your site crawling, which might cause a slower drop in your page traffic.

  • Change in the algorithm:

Now one thing you must keep in mind is that the strategies of SEO that you are using today might need to change after a few days as Google updates its algorithms and makes some changes to it.

Google always works on improving its assessment of the content and updates the algorithm according to it. The change in the core updates and other updates can change how some of the pages are ranking in the search results. If you find out a sudden drop in your traffic, then you might need to make some strategic changes in your SEO.

  • Disruption in the search interest:

The search intent disruption can be a serious issue that you might face if any change occurs in the behavior of the user. Whether it is any kind of new trend, seasonality, or any event-related topic which are emerging massively, it can make some significant drop in your traffic.

How to analyze the dropping pattern in your traffic? 

Even if you find some significant drop in the traffic to your page, knowing the reason only will not help. You can consider analyzing the dropping pattern in your search traffic. Here is how you do it:

  • Consider analyzing the different search types as separate tasks. It will help you to know whether the drop which has caused it happened to your Videos, news tap, or in the web search.
  • It is better to compare the period of the drop to a similar kind of period. It will be helpful enough to review what has changed. It is better to click all the tabs to look for the changes which have taken place for the URLs. Search queries, devices, countries, or the search appearances.
  • You can change the date range to include 16 months which will let you analyze the drop in the traffic in the context of the yearly basis.


When you are working hard on strengthening your SEO, you must consider analyzing your Google search traffic performance from time to time. In case you are finding out any significant drop in the search traffic, then it is the right time to take some actions on it, which can help you to retain your search traffic number on time.

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