Jewelry is often the best and only accessory one needs, especially for formal events and other similar occasions.

Therefore, if you love jewelry, then you should be able to learn how to match it with the clothes you’re aiming to wear. However, you can choose the resin flower jewellery as it goes with all types of clothes and looking adorable.

But, with a bit of effort, it’s entirely possible to match your jewelry pieces with almost any type of outfit and look your best. So if you want to learn more, then here are some amazing styling tips that will help you pull it off. For some amazing  jewelry, you can also visit at persn.com.

Remember that less is often more

Wearing too many jewelry pieces might look good in fashion magazine spreads or on celebrities, but in real life, things can get tiring really fast. Therefore, if you prefer to wear multiple pieces, remember that less is often more.

Usually, statement jewelry and chunkier pieces should not be paired with other flashy accessories, as they won’t be able to stand out on their own. So if you like combining and wearing multiple pieces, then make sure they’re more subtle and less eye-catching, because you’ll definitely look more elegant and chic that way.

Choose your focus

This is important because when matching accessories and clothes, you should also decide on the focus. Is it a dress? Jewelry? A bag? There are so many choices, which is why it’s necessary to pick one.

If you prefer simple and monochromatic outfits, then statement jewelry is a great option, as it will surely complement your look and add an extra layer of style and elegance to it.

On the other hand, subtle jewelry works great with bolder and more colorful clothes. Knowing which focal point to choose will help you pick the best pieces and combine them properly with your outfit. 

Know where to find your fave pieces

Everyone loves buying affordable jewelry, but unfortunately, cheaply produced pieces aren’t of great quality and can cause an allergic reaction to some people who wear them.

That’s why it’s better to find reputable brands such as https://moonmagic.com/ that make unique and stunning jewelry made of the best materials. That way, your pieces will last you much longer, and you’ll be able to wear them anytime you like. Plus, shopping from local sellers and small business is a great way to live more sustainably and boost the local economy. 

Be smart when choosing earrings

Sometimes, choosing earrings is harder than it seems, especially if you love different styles, and you love wearing them all. But, you should always make sure to choose earrings that go well with your face shape.

Basically, you should choose the earrings that are the opposite to the features of your own face. For example, a round face is best complemented with dangle or long drop earrings. Opting for these types of earrings will make your face look longer and slimmer. 

Don’t follow the trends blindly 

If you’re aiming to create an elegant and classic style, then you should stay away from blindly following all the trends. Sure, some trends are amazing, and they definitely deserve your attention, but that doesn’t mean they’ll all look good on you.

Instead, try to figure out your true fashion preferences, as that will show you how to be fashionable and build your signature style. Being unique and experimenting with various clothes and accessories will always be better than wearing something only because it’s popular!

Be playful and experiment 

Every true fashionista knows the importance of experimenting. The same goes for jewelry, however, the key to experimenting is to feel natural and comfortable when doing so. Doing things only for attention isn’t the best way to approach this.

Hence, feel free to do anything: mix your metals, and experiment with different types of jewelry that seemingly don’t go together. But anything you do, remember to keep things balanced because that’s the best way to look chic and feel comfortable at the same time.


Dressing up should be fun and personal. These tips will help you style your jewelry with your clothes, however, feel free to ditch the rules sometimes and go with your gut feeling. Focus on choosing quality jewelry pieces and clothes, so you’ll be able to enjoy them and wear them for years to come. 

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