A human hair wig is an investment, and you want that investment to last and look great for as
long as possible. In this article, we will discuss how to do just that. We will reveal proper care,
routine washing, styling, and how to store your human hair wig properly.

What is the difference between a synthetic and a swhuman hair wig?

Before we discuss the methods for protecting and maintaining your human hair wig, we should
establish the differences between it and a synthetic wig. The care and storage are not always the
A synthetic hair wig is made from artificial hair. Nylon is usually used, but sometimes silk or
other materials are used. These synthetic wigs are not real human hair and cannot be cared for in
the same way.
A human hair wig is a wig made from human hair. People donate or sell their hair to companies
that produce products from that human hair. If the hair is of a high enough quality and quantity, it
is made into wigs.
A human hair wig will look and feel like real human hair because that is precisely what it is. You
can usually tell a synthetic wig by touch; it does not have the same texture as human hair.
Keep in mind that not all human hair wigs are created equal. There are good ones and
not-so-good ones. But the care for them is the same, whether they are cheaper or more
expensive. Remember that when discussing wig care with someone, you must specify the type of
hair the wig has. Synthetic or real human hair makes a difference.

Shampoo and conditioner are essential for your human hair wig.

When we think about wigs, the idea that they need to be washed and conditioned, just like the
hair on our heads, sometimes comes as a surprise. It is human hair, and when you wear it out into
the world, it will get dirty.
While a human hair wig does not need daily washing and conditioning, it does need it every few
days of normal wear. It will need washing more frequently if you are in very dusty places or
places with lots of oil and grease in the air.
With daily wear, try washing and conditioning the wig every seven to fourteen days. If you wear
it for longer than a few hours or get sweaty, it will need shampooing more frequently. You do not
want to wash it too often, as it can decrease the wig’s lifespan.
A simple rule to follow is every seven to ten days of wear or when the human hair wig has an
odor or feels grimy when you run your fingers through it.

How to select shampoo and conditioner for your real human hair wig.

One benefit of using a human hair wig is the ability to use your regular shampoo and conditioner.
With synthetic wigs, you can only use specialty shampoos and conditioners, which often cost
more than your normal varieties.
The most important thing to ensure is that none of the products you use on your human hair wig
contain sulfates. Sulfates will damage your real human hair wig and can even cause it to need to
be replaced.

How to shampoo your real human hair wig.

Washing is simpler with a knot- and tangle-free wig. Place your wig on the mannequin head and
comb out all the knots and tangles. Use a comb made for styling, one with teeth spaced wide
apart so they do not damage the wig.
You always comb a wig from bottom to top. Avoid brushes because they have been known to
damage the human hair wigs. Work gently with slow, steady strokes, working out any tangles
and knots.
Instead of drowning your wig by dumping it in a sink full of water, leave it on the mannequin
head and sit it in the sink or tub. Then, using a gentle spray of cool water, not hot or cold water,
saturate the human hair wig.
Do not apply the shampoo to the wig, and try to work up a lather. Instead, apply it to your hands
and work up a nice lather. Then, apply the shampoo with gentle up-and-down motions of your
Never twirl or massage the shampoo into the human hair wig. This can cause tangles and knots.
After running shampoo-covered fingers through the wig once, use the gentle cool water spray to
rinse away all of the suds thoroughly.
Conditioning is more challenging with a real human hair wig. Never condition the roots or close
to the roots of the real human hair wig. Instead, work from the ends up to three-quarters of the
hair’s length.
Once the conditioner is on the hair, set a timer. Leave it to rest for two to three minutes. Then
rinse with a cool, gentle spray of water. Be sure not to leave any shampoo or conditioner on the

Drying your real human hair wig after shampooing and conditioning:

Leave the real human hair wig on the mannequin head. It is always better to let the wig sit and
dry naturally. Do not sit the wig out in the sun to dry! Hair dryers can be used if you do not have
time to air dry the wig, but this should be kept to a minimum.

Heat styling tips and tricks for your human hair wig.

With real human hair wigs, you have the luxury of using heated curlers, straighteners, and
crimpers. While the human hair wig can handle these styling tools in moderation, it cannot
handle an excessive amount of them.
Avoid daily heat styling and limit it to when you shampoo and the wig really needs it. If you
need to use heated styling tools more frequently, get a wig heat protectant and apply it to the real
human hair wig.
Keep the temperature no higher than 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Most heated hair styling tools
usually have a medium or medium-low setting.

How to safely and properly store a human hair wig.

Your wig should have a space dedicated just to the wig. It doesn’t need a bedroom of its own but
will benefit from a clutter-free area. A space that is not high in humidity and has no direct
Next, you can find a wig stand at most wig stores and online. But they are only suitable for
storage. Do what the pros do and get a mannequin head. These can be used for storage, washing,
and styling. With a wig stand, you have no way to hold the wig’s hair up as you style it. With a
mannequin head, you do.
Never sleep with your wig on. Instead, take it off and put it on its stand when you are done going
out or entertaining for the evening. Even an extra hour or two off your head will help your real
human hair wig last longer.
Plus, your own hair and scalp will benefit from the break from wearing the wig.
Want to chat with hair professionals who know all about real human hair wigs? Better yet, do
you want someone to show you how to care for your wig in person? If your friends ask, “is there
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