For those people that aren’t familiar with the term ‘bohemian’, it’s the interior design approach that embraces the use of natural materials, vivid colors, unusual patterns, warm textures, and unorthodox decor & furniture.

It is influenced by free-spirited people like artists, writers, travelers, and other individuals who are nonconformists.

If you are contemplating turning your home into a bohemian sanctuary, have a look at some of the boho decorating ideas for inspiration.

Personalized & unique Accessories

Each piece of your boho-inspired decor should match your style and emphasize your character, as no two boho-inspired rooms should be the same. It’s all about inventiveness and being innovative.

You should have no less than one item that will be a centerpiece, and if you aren’t certain of what’s fitting, take a look at https://skullbliss.com/ for some ideas.

Second hand & Vintage

The unwritten rule of boho style is that your furniture & decorations shouldn’t be all brand new and shiny.

Preferably, they should have a more vintage and “wear and tear” look.

Make sure to explore your local vintage shops, thrift stores, or maybe even yard sales, to look around for the right furniture or decor.

You can even refurbish some old items to make them purposeful and stylish, and save some money.


When searching for boho-inspired rooms online, it’s virtually impossible to find a picture of a boho room without any plant. Go ahead and try it for yourself.

They play an important role in boho-styled decoration because they will make your living space full of life and bring some coziness and inviting feeling.

It doesn’t matter which plants you are going to choose, so long as they are not fake.

Large floor plants are ideal for corners, and if you run out of space, hanging your plants is an excellent alternative.

But don’t come to a halt at just one room, spread your plants evenly throughout your whole home.


When it comes to boho decorating, colors play a significant role.

Each item should be colorful but tasteful at the same time.

Warm colors like brown, green, or gray should be the base, combined and layered with more vivid colors like purple, orange and blue.

Abstain from using too much black.


Boho-style furniture should be all about mellowing out, comfort, coziness, and being casual.

Start with plenty of patterned vintage rugs and add some floor pillows on top of them.

Bag chairs, ottomans, and cushions are practical and simple solutions.

For some extra comfort, go opt for the accent chair or perhaps an egg chair.

Make good use of walls

As for walls, get as much creative as you can, and don’t let your walls be empty and bland.

Some of the things that you can place on your walls are:

  • Embroidery
  • Tapestry
  • Carved animal skulls
  • Paintings
  • Chandeliers

Take patterned wallpapers into consideration

They come in a great variety of colors, prints, and textures, and are a versatile addition to every boho-themed room.

Outdoor boho space

Now that your indoor space is decorated, don’t forget to decorate your outdoor space as well.

If you are one of the lucky ones with a garden or a backyard, you can turn your conventional outdoor space into a little piece of boho paradise!

Use the rugs, for a hippie vibe, combined with big pillows on the floor.

Add some warm blankets for extra coziness, especially if you like to hang outside late at night.

To add more bohemian flair to your home, hammocks are a remarkable choice.

To add more vibrance and freshness, use lush plants and trees.

Don’t forget to have some cozy lighting, but avoid cold and sterile LED lights. Instead, use lanterns, torches, or even a fire pit.

A fire pit can be placed into the center of your outdoor area to give off the rustic campfire vibe, which is an exquisite choice for your boho garden.


Contrary to the minimalist style, where “less is more” in terms of boho-style, well, “more is more”.

Make good use of every corner of your space and add something captivating that will attract the attention of your guests.

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