Let’s face it.  Following fashion can be expensive, but fun.  We sometimes can get confused or indecisive about whether to buy this or that. Then only to find later on it doesn’t look good on us.  On the other hand, some hits make you feel vindicated on having bought that piece of outfit you look great in. Friends compliment you and say you look good, whenever you wear it.

Ideally,  when it comes to choosing clothes or adopting a fashion or trend, it is not just a choice between two things. There’s a wide range of choices and possibilities in between.

Getting the Right Balance and Look

Meaning to say there’s always a right balance. When it comes to fashion, or following trends and even fads, it is most advantageous and helpful to both know the good things about following fashion, generally.  And also, when or why it is not good to follow them.

It may sound paradoxical, that’s true. But know that in life, not all things can be looked at simply as black or white, good or bad.  There is always a middle ground and options.

Image by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Buying clothes should always be a pleasant experience. Choosing the right pieces of clothes and trying them out can sometimes be challenging.

There is also playing it too safe.  Or going really overboard. Even in the way we describe things or situations, there are a lot of ways to say it. The same is true about fashion.

In other words, if done with care, honesty, practicality, and common sense, it will make you look good, and feel great and comfortable. If you’d like to be fashionable in your choice of buying and wearing clothes or shoes, they should not only look good to you. They – the clothes and the pair of shoes – should fit you nicely and make you look good.

You Carry the Clothes, Not the Other Way Around

People should not complement or admire just your shoes and what you’re wearing but how attractive and beautiful you are in that outfit.  Just because it looks good means you’re going to look good in it.

The bottom line: make fashion your friend, not your enemy. Your choice in fashion and dressing up should be sensible, practical, appropriate, and well-considered. Most importantly, it should look good on you, you should look great in it, you feel nice, confident, and comfortable wearing it.

The outfit you’re wearing should not draw too much attention to itself. You should be the one, your total look, and persona that draws people to you and gives you that lingering glance.

Nice Reasons to Follow Fashion, and Even Trends

Enhances the Way You Look: Fashion, or knowing enough about fashion, can enhance the way you look, which in turn boosts your self-confidence and adds to your self-worth and promotes a positive image of yourself. That in turn somehow changes your mindset about yourself. And that changes and improves how others perceive you; that is, positively.

Good Fashion Sense and Choices Make Your Wardrobe More Versatile

It can make the most out of all the clothes in your wardrobe. How? Because the knowledge in fashion, couple with a good fashion sense and eye for detail, can let you mix and match pieces of clothes.  That means increasing different looks and sets of attire out of limited pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

Image by Angelo Mercadante on Unsplash

An undeniably dapper, good-looking guy who would feel just as comfortable and presentable in any setting.

Helps Make You Fit In and Accepted

Sometimes, in the workplace and professional setting, you have to look the part of someone who belongs in the league, or in that group.  Fashion knowledge will help you achieve that brilliantly.

Maintain a Pleasant Personality

It is not about how good looking you are, or how perfect your face or your physique is.  Although those are plus factors and will put you among the frontrunners, it is not the “be-all” and “end-all.”

You can be the most beautiful person in the world, but if your character sucks, people will just tune out on you. That can’t be changed with the most attractive and expensive clothes or jewelry that you wear.

Remember that physical beauty is fleeting and temporary, while inner beauty endures and grows on people. Your personality, taking for granted it’s pleasant, engaging, and good is important.  Just as important is your character, how you deal with people and with life.

Image Eliud Gil Samaniego on Unsplash

The right pair of shoes and wristwatch as accessory complete the overall clean and casual look without sacrificing comfort.

Good Fashion Sense Is Great No Matter the Age

Fashion is most important to us when we’re young or in our prime. But it’s also good to be fashionable way after that, as long as it is age-appropriate, practical, safe, and comfortable.  Stores have a collection of clothes arranged according to age, which is helpful.

Right Clothes Level the Playing Field

All else being equal between two persons applying for a position in an office, the one with the better and more engaging persona will most probably be hired. Fashion definitely can give you the edge. But don’t forget that your personality, your character, and the way you treat people are just as important.  

Fashion-Forward Clothes Can Make You Popular

If you are aiming for popularity for whatever reason, having fashion sense will be an asset. Keep in mind that fashion is not to be ‘fashionable’ equated with a ‘garish, attention-grabbing’ outfit that most often is not considered appropriate.  Dress properly and decently. Dress appropriately according to the occasion and the venue.

Image by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

The beautiful lady is wearing appropriate clothes and pair of boots that match her top, giving an overall coordinated look that enhances her hair color and height. She’s outdoors and her get-up is right on spot.


While Fashion Can Be Lasting, Trends Are Short-Lived

Fashion trends are temporary, fleeting, and business or money-making strategies. We’re not saying it’s wrong or immoral. The fashion industry is just like any other industry or business: to earn, grow their business by providing what people want and need.

On our end as consumers, we have to make that every service or product we get is not only worth our money, but something that we need or really like.

The point is that in buying clothes, we tend to follow fashion trends blindly. Buy clothes whose style is along classical lines that will never go out of style.

If you are sold on buying a trendy outfit, make sure it looks good on you, and that you can always repair it and re-style it when it’s no longer in fashion.

Image by FesBot 2000 on Unsplash

Simple and light-hued attire that highlights the lovely face of this model. Her understated, light-colored turtle-neck top complements her hair color, highlighting her lovely face.

Enhance and Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Stick to your ideal image of yourself and build your wardrobe and fashion identity around it. That way, you avoid being a fashion victim. Fashion should be regarded as a guide to choosing and wearing clothes that enhance your assets and camouflage or downplay your imperfections. The focus of attention is your face and your whole persona, not the clothes your wearing. 

Not Every Fashion Creation Is Worth Buying or Wearing

Just like other professionals, fashion designers can make disastrous mistakes and decisions themselves. And the poor souls who bought their designs in haste may have realized it and regretted it big time.

Just like what other people say, fashion designers sometimes create really weird and totally unwearable fashion. But of course, it has never been their intention.

Fashion Trends Not for Everybody

Fashion trends may sometimes look ridiculous and crazy. And therefore, not fit to wear. When a new line of trendy wearable comes out, take time to analyze the good and bad points about it. And it’s best to be aware of what your fashion or style pet peeves are.

Clothes should always make you look good and presentable. You must be comfortable with it. Not too tight and not too loose.  Wearing loose clothing can be dangerous. It can easily get caught on something sharp and protruding.

Notice that in sci-fi movies, when mankind will have reached its pinnacle of the evolutionary stage, people wear tight-fitting clothes. That is to prevent the above scenario from happening.  Right now we have fabrics that are stretchable or stretchy, without making you feel constricted or tight-fitting.  It makes one look sharper.

Styles and Trends Make a Comeback After a Few Years

Anyone who follows fashion and trends knows how true this is. So, keep your favorite trendy clothes in your closet.

If it’s not obviously dated, you may wear it once in a while. Then when the trend comes back, you can have it updated and enjoy wearing those trendy clothes again ahead of the others.

Why and How to Set the Middle Ground or Compromise for Yourself

First of all, you have to realize that nobody is perfect, physically.  And that no matter where you are in the range of good looks, there are many ways to enhance your looks.

Know whatever your shortcomings are, as well as your strong points.  Then, leverage fashion by covering up or minimizing those not so good things about your looks, and highlight those that are good.

Image by Himanshu Diwangan on Unsplash

A solid color pair of pants and geometric patterned top, both in neutral colors, create a pleasant, understated yet striking look.

Last Minute Advice:

Whatever clothes or dress you wear, make sure it does not resemble a costume. Or even make it appear you’re wearing one.  Costumes are not wearable, everyday clothes unless you’re attending a costume party or a play you’re a part of.

Sometimes, a fashion trend can be taken too far that an outfit could look more like a costume than a dress or clothes.

You have to reinforce it by your “uniqueness” as a person.  And character also is another very important part of being truly attractive, personable, and likable. A person that people, good people, gravitate to.

Develop and enhance your personality. And your mind and intellect.  People get captivated by you physically at first.  But it can’t last long when there is nothing ‘up there.” Finally, make fashion work to your advantage by making the right choices. Let the focus be on your overall look, not just the clothes.

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