Imagine that there is a way to extract content from images instantly. This is undoubtedly good news for those who strive to copy text by writing every word. This effort not only consumes their energy but also wastes time. This necessity opens the door to a technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

What is OCR?

Web-based OCR tool is essential in today’s world. It is also known as an image to text converter. Optical character recognition (OCR), abbreviated as OCR, is now easier than ever and can help companies organize and store their data correctly.

It refers to the electronic or mechanical conversion of images into machine-encoded text. The image is usually scanned and may be handwritten, typed, or printed initially. In short, OCR is an effective way to digitize text data from external sources or printouts (such as paper).

Currently, OCR online tools are required in many industries. This tool can be used in various situations, such as digitizing sales receipts, mails, significant business documents, or any printed records that require computer coding. With OCR, companies can efficiently and quickly fetch text from images.

The exciting thing about using online OCR is that you are not limited to one language. The developers have managed to create an advanced system that allows users to digitize documents written in different languages.

Free Online OCR Tool

Benefits of Using Online OCR Tool

Once the documents are stored electronically, you can access them within a few seconds. You don’t need to browse cabinets or drawers. Even if you are on the go, you can edit, transfer, copy, and print web-based documents within minutes.

Similarly, you can convert images to text anytime, anywhere. You just need an internet connection, and you can perform unlimited photo to text conversions as required. Some of the other benefits of using an image to text converter are discussed below.

Time and effort Savior

Many organizations such as libraries, hospitals, post offices, and other departments often need to store and maintain records.

If they use an image to text converter to convert their documents into an editable text format that can be saved and edited as required, they can save a lot of time, energy, and resources.

Using a picture to text converter can avoid the work of manually keeping records. It turns out that this technology is truly innovative and time-saving.

Storage savior technology

We all know that hard copies take up a lot of space. Image to text converter helps to save space. Digitized documents don’t require any physical storage. Moreover, these saved documents are easily accessible and can be used in the future, too, as per requirement.


This tool is very cheap for users. Companies will not have to pay employees for managing paperwork. You can convert pictures to text for free via web search. You can also use a premium image to text converters in a very affordable and cost-effective package.

Easy to use and understand

The OCR tool is easy to use, and any person knowing the basics of operating a computer can easily understand the working of this service.

The quick transformation of images to text

Consider that you have to upload 500 pages of text to a commercial website manually. This task may take several weeks. Photo to text converter is a method of scanning an image and converting it into a text file immediately. This can be done with OCR tools. After conversion, you can easily edit the file as needed.

Top 3 Online Image to Text Converter

SmallSEOtools OCR Online

Image to text converter by Small Seo Tools is one of the best online tool that can convert scanned documents or images into high-quality text free of cost. It’s a tool which provides top quality results.

This ocr online is effortless to use and easy to understand. Users only need to upload a photo or any scanned document and get the extracted text in a few seconds. This photo to text converter is 100% safe and maintains user privacy. It does not keep any user’s data in the backend.

The accuracy of the results is also high. Users can upload a document from cloud storage as well as their computers’ storage. Even if the user needs to extract text from an online image, then they can add a URL to get the text of a particular image available over the web. This online ocr can be considered the best choice among image to text converters because of its high accuracy and free package.


For a photo to text conversion, this tool can be a great choice. Use this tool, just drag and drop the required image, or click on the Upload Picture button. After uploading your photo, tap on the submit button to extract text.

This tool also allows the user to add a URL as an input. In the result section, users can copy the resultant text or save it directly in .txt or .doc format. SearchEngineReports image to text converter is also a free tool with unlimited queries.


The tools mentioned above allow image file as an input, but the image to text converter from img2txt allows you to upload a PDF file. Another attractive distinctness of the tool is its capability to extract text in different languages. Just upload the image, select the language in which text is required, and tap the upload button. You will get your text in the required language within seconds.

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