Watching animated movies is very exciting. Since childhood, we have been familiar with so many animated characters and love to watch them on different platforms. Like movies, animated series is also enough to engage its young fans. So if you too are fond of watching it then flock on to Netflix and watch The Dragon Prince. Till now, three of the seasons of the animated TV series have come so far. Now, the wait is for its new season 4.

Show Details 

TV Series: The Dragon Prince
Genre: Action, adventure, fantasy, drama
Created by: Aaron Ehasz
Distributor: Netflix
Place Of Origin: United States
Directed by: Villads Spangsberg & Giancarlo Volpe
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 3
Number of episodes: 27

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date

Story Plot

The animated story of The Dragon Prince takes place in a fictional continent, which is a perfect place for derivative magic powers from nature’s pivotal elements including earth, ocean, sun, moon, stars, and sky. Many times ago, there was peace among humans and other species. But then humans were not able to use natural magic, so they chose the option of dark magic, encouraged by creatures with magical powers. As a result, humans drifted apart to the west, and continents got divided by an eruption of lava.

First Season

The story is also about revenge.  And it stems from the hatred and massacre created by a human king who with the help of his advisor annihilates the king of demons, and even destroys his heir offspring. Feeling rage, the assassins of Elf also retaliates to kill the human king and son, Ezran.  When Rayla comes to know that the egg is safe from getting destroyed, the egg is later returned. During the war, at last, the human king gets killed by the opposite forces, and Viren gets the power and sends his children to assassinate the princes and take back the egg. When the first season comes to its closure, it shows the birth of Zym.

Second Season Plot

Then comes the next season (Second). In this Viren takes his forces to lookup more human empires to attack Xadia. To fulfill his purpose, he even makes a private association with the Aaravos, an elf who is held captive in the prison. Viren makes the best use of a mirror to make conversation with him and another creature who looks like a caterpillar. In the meantime, Callum becomes the first person who practices the magic of primal powers. When Season 2 also comes to its ending part, then it shows Viren being captured for illegally using the seal of a human king, Harrow, and also for misusing his evil powers. When Ezran comes to know the reason for his father’s demise, he goes back to get the right over the throne.

Third Season Plot

This time Viren recollects his power and once again stages a war against human forces to bring down Xadia. This time he utilizes his dark magical power after getting support from Aaravos, whom he made secret connectivity. Soren’s flaws in going against the evil motives of his father.

Despite getting help from Aaravos, Viren faces defeat from elves forces. He and Rayla get thrown away from the Spire Summit, but somehow, she gets saved through sky magic used by Callum. Zym, the so-called dragon prince, is given to his mother. Viren, who faced defeat from elf forces, is once again revived through dark powers executed by Claudia. If you think Aaravos has become an ally of Viren, then you are wrong. He is using him for his own selfish needs.


The animated series first came into being in 2018 in July. Aaron is also behind the co-foundation of Wonderstorm. It is the one under which the production of The Dragon Prince is done. Besides, animated series, one can even enjoy the video game which is related to this animated series. Ehasz faced much criticism for not treating his women employees well and ignoring the ideas referred to by them. An unknown accuser has also estimated that such things can badly affect the follow-up of the animated series.


The creativity used in the making of The Dragon Prince is done with 3 dimensional and with computer graphics. The frame used in all the previous seasons was adjusted according to the need. The backgrounds of the animated show are beautifully executed via 3D modelling and painting via handwork.


The Dragon Prince has no doubt gained immense positive reviews from its viewers. They loved the show’s story plot and of course the characters in it. Even critics have given it thumbs up. This animated series keeps you engaged with its characters and the supreme powers magical as well as supernatural. Till now, there has been no official announcement of its sequel, so you need to get some ideas of its 4th season updates.

Release Date Of Season 4

After gaining so much applause from the viewers after watching the previous seasons of The Dragon Prince, now the bug of curiosity is constantly biting them to see the 4th season of such a wonderful animated show. At a recent comic con event, there has been an announcement regarding the release of the fourth season. The more exciting news that came from the Netflix network is the upcoming seven seasons of The Dragon Prince to follow the previous sagas. 

However, there is some hint regarding the plot of season 4. In the new season, viewers might be able to see new adventures with surprising twists taking place between the characters in the animated show. So wait till there is any trailer coming out. The major focus would be on saving the Dragon Prince Zym. 

Unfortunately, it is not going to happen possibly in 2020, as the whole world is being gripped by the global pandemic, COVID-19. Don’t expect any trailer of the latest season so soon. But there can be possible changes in the upcoming years be it next year, 2021, or another new year, 2022. So folks, be patient and enjoy the previous seasons for now.

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