If you love getting chills by watching horror movies and shows, then Van Helsing could become your best choice. This horror drama TV series is the best watch for all those who love the spine chilling horror genre. Well, there is even a movie that came long back in 2004, where Hugh Jackman played the role of the titled character. But you can experience more chills if you watch the Van Helsing TV horror series.

In this, you will be seeing Kelly Orton as the main leading character. Many times movies have been adapted from some book or a novel. The same applies to Van Helsing. This TV show horror has been inspired by a graphic novel sharing the same titular character. The horror series first aired on the Syfy network in 2016 on 31st July. Last year, there was even an announcement about the new ending season of Van Helsing.

Show Details 

TV Series: Van Helsing
Genre: Horror, fantasy, drama & action
Created by: Neil LaBute
Directed by: David Winning
Place Of Origin: United States & Canada
Original network: Syfy
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 4
Number of episodes: 52

Van Helsing Season 5 Release Date 

Story Plot

Van Helsing has a very interesting storyline that revolves around the central character, Vanessa Van Helsing. She is from the generation of Abraham Van Helsing. The TV series shows Helsing getting up from a prolonged unconscious state after her assumed death to discover herself in the after all the disaster that took place in the world. The disaster was a supervolcanic eruption that laid a black blanket of ash around the world. The light from the sun too got blocked, paving vampires to rule over the human race.

About The Character

Van Helsing, the titular character of the TV horror series, is the only hope left to protect humanity from the clutches of vampires. And it is possible for her as she is gifted with supreme supernatural power due to her blood composition that helps in transforming vampires into humans.

Having a concealed weapon, Helsing is always under the radar of vampires’ attention. But she does not need to worry too much, as she has a loyal ally in the form of Axel Miller, who had served as a marine official and now is dedicated to helping Vanessa (Helson) in her fight against vampires. The character of Axel Miller is played by the actor Jonathan Scarfe. Other than this loyal ex-marine officer, Helsing has another safe support from a doctor who saved her, to let her face vampire forces who are affecting the human race. This horror drama series comprises more other actors playing their part of roles in it.

Kelly Overton: The One Who Plays Vanessa Helsing

Kelly Overton is a well-known figure for her portrayal of Vanessa Helsing in the TV show based on the same Kelly is a recipient of The Charles Jehlinger Award, a big honor during her graduation days. Even though Kelly Overton has gained much popularity playing as Van Helsing, she has also acted in many television shows including Off-Broadway. Kelly was understudied for the role in The Graduate and became the first actual stage cast. She got the chance to play the character of Elaine Robinson after replacing Alicia Silverstone. She was born in Massachusetts and did her education at a very reputed performing art institution in NYC. Kelly is married to Judson Pearce Morgan and is the mother to 3 kids.

Van Helsing was acquired by the original network Syfy in 2015 in November from a production company, Nomadic Pictures. It got the order to air thirteen episodes. After the popularity of the first season, Syfy network restarted the second season of Van Helsing with the same thirteen episodes that got premiered in 2017 on 5th October. In the same year, during the Comic-Con event in San Diego, there came a revelation about the pregnancy of the leading actress Kelly during the second season.

Then came the third season of Van Helsing in December featuring thirteen episodes. The premier came in the next successive year (2018). In the following year, Syfy came up with a fourth season also following the same number of episodes in December. After consecutive 3 seasons, Jonathan took over the onus of running the show for the 4th season of Van Helsing after its previous showrunner, Neil, stepped down. And in the last year (2019), Syfy once again restarted the TV show for another new season (fifth).

Brief About Creator Of The TV Series

Neil LaBute is the person behind the creation of the TV show, Van Helsing, by casting Kelly Overton as the main lead character. Neil LaBute is a screenwriter, playwright, actor as well as movie director in America. He is best known for his writing of a play. In the Company of Men was adapted from this play. The film did well and gathered many awards at a film festival organized by Sundance Institute.

Release Of Season 5

The latest season of the horror-action TV series will showcase the ending chapter for the fans. Till the 4th season, Neil was managing as showrunner, but now since he has stepped down, Jonathan would be the new showrunner. He has even revealed the show closure from his social media page. Now, it is indeed disappointing for the viewers who had been watching the show from the beginning, but now have to see the end part in the fifth season. The character of Van Helsing, who hunts upon vampires and has the power to transform them into a human by using her special powers.

If you are expecting the release of Van Helsing Season 5 in the present year (2020), then you have to wait a bit more. The trailer might hit the screens around November or December. The reason for its delay is the COVID-19 outbreak. But till now, no official announcement has been made yet by the makers of the TV series. The executive producer of the Van Helsing series has thanked Syfy and the whole team including the actors who gave their best performances in essaying the allotted characters. In the new and final season of Van Helsing, we might see the new casting faces.

So all we can do is wait.

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