If you enjoy watching sitcoms, then Catastrophe should be on the list of your favourite programs. This UK-based TV sitcom was aired five years back in January on Channel 4. The actors who portray the role of husband and wife, are its real creators and writers also. Initially, both Rob and Sharon appear as single individuals but soon Sharon gets pregnant at the time when Rob plans to go on a business trip to London. The lead actors are joined by other supporting casts including Ashley Jensen.

The second series of this TV sitcom show was resumed in 2015 and aired in October of the same year. And in the next year, Catastrophe new series (3rd & 4th). The broadcasting of the third season started in 2017 in the United Kingdom from February. It aired six episodes that were hosted by Amazon and were viewed in the United States. Last year, Catastrophe’s fourth series was broadcasted. The TV sitcom show’s premiere came on 15th March in the same year (2019).

Sharon Horgan who dons multiple roles in being the co-writer and creator of the sitcom show was much applauded for her acting prowess. She along with her husband won the BAFTA Award for writing the humor sitcom. Sharon was also regarded for the nomination for her best performance in humor female. Both the couple actors paved Catastrophe in getting prestigious awards for wonderful comedy.

Show Details 

TV Series: Catastrophe
Genre: Sitcom
Created by: Rober Delaney & Sharon Horgan
Written by: Rober Delaney & Sharon Horgan
Place Of Origin: United Kingdom
Original network: Channel 4
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 4
Number of episodes: 24

Catastrophe Season 5 Release Date


The storyline of Catastrophe revolves around Sharon who plays the role of a teacher of primary school in London. She had never been in a relationship before until a bar became a meeting point for her. She meets Rob when he is about to leave for London for a business trip. Rob works as an executive in an advertising firm in America. Like Sharon, he also never had been in a relationship before.

Both Sharon and Rob come too close to each other. Sharon later comes to know about her pregnancy and tells Rob about it. He then comes to London and then both of them end their singlehood status after turning into a couple. Soon they become parents to two children, one boy, and a girl later.

Catastrophe Casting

In this sitcom comedy series, both Sharon and Rob play the couple in the reel life also. Their names are also the same in this comedy series. Only the surnames are different. Every movie or TV series does not centralize only on the lead actors. Other supporting actors also bring charm to the show. One such is Ashley Jenson, who plays a mixed character that defines friendship from outside but an enemy from inside. So in short, you can term it frenemy. Her character in this TV sitcom is Fran. There are many more interesting characters in Catastrophe played by supporting casts.

When BBC Gave It A Thumbs Down

Yes, it is true. Initially, British Broadcasting Channel did not approve the script of Catastrophe and turned it down. But later on, it was authorized by the Channel 4 network around six years back. Another interesting fact which you might not be knowing about this TV sitcom is its title. The word Catastrophe was taken from a quotation from a movie. The words are of a married man who has a family, including a house, a wife, and children. The film where this quotation bred the idea of sitcom title is Zorba the Greek. And finally, the TV comedy sitcom got its name Catastrophe.

Death Of Carrie Fisher

The team of Catastrophe felt bad about the untimely demise of one of the actors who played Mia. She was Carrie Fisher, who passed away in 2016 in December. Her death came as a shock for everyone when they were about to film the concluding scenes of Catastrophe series 3. The last episode of the TV sitcom 3rd series was much emphasized on her. She was given tribute with her name and photograph on the screen followed by credits.

What Is So Interesting About Catastrophe?

Catastrophe is a very interesting TV sitcom comedy which is worth watching. It defines the man woman’s close relationship and their adventures. In this sitcom, Rob and Sharon play the couple. They meet each other in a bar and get too close to each other. The best thing which you will like in its first season is when Rob comes to know about the pregnancy of Sharon, and agrees to become a lifetime partner. Now, this is something that has set an idealistic example and goodness about Rob who did not ditch Sharon, even when both of them were single and had pre-marital sex with each other during the six days. It won’t be nice to reveal the stories of previous seasons of Catastrophe so far. So better watch the previous season’s episodes if you haven’t.

Catastrophe Season 5

British sitcoms have become a prominent dose of entertainment for its viewers. Catastrophe is the best example to watch on Channel 4. This sitcom comedy gained much interest among its viewers and became one of the highly-rated sitcom shows on TV. It got appreciated worldwide. And getting prestigious awards like BAFTA added more stars to this wonderful sitcom comedy series. All kudos to Sharon and Rob who worked upon such a great script of Catastrophe. And their efforts did prove successful when Sharon got nominated for the best female performer in comedy. She also shared the award with her husband Rob for best writer. Now, since Catastrophe has already won the likes around the world, so naturally, all its viewers are eagerly waiting for its season 5.

When It Is Going To Be Released?

The 4th season of Catastrophe was released in 2018 in March. There came a press release on the social media account of the show stating that the fourth season would be considered to be the end of the Catastrophe sitcom season. And there is also the truth about the official cancellation of the latter show. But those who have been watching Catastrophe from the beginning must not get disheartened, as there might be a slight possibility of the renewal of this sitcom show in the coming years under the direction of some other.

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