Whether you have an online or offline business, networking is and always will be the key aspect to draw success. And among numerous platforms, LinkedIn is the most popular and reliable platform for creating networks.

Well, LinkedIn is not like other platforms, and you’re not here to make friends. You’re here on LinkedIn because you want to build a network and for that, you have to connect with people.

However, not everyone here will accept your connection invitation, so you may have to write a direct message. Well, do you think it would have been better to have a guide on how to connect with anyone on LinkedIn?

Your wish is granted, follow this article to get step by step instructions.

Is It Tough To Connect With Anyone On LinkedIn?

 Connect With Anyone On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is about professionalism; here, you can send connection requests to anyone but not everyone will accept your connection offer. Plus, you can only be able to send 100 connection requests every week, which means 20 connection requests per business day.

See, the uncertainty of accepting your connection request and the limitations make the connection process a little tough. On the other hand, more or a vast amount of connection is the key to getting more attention, which will benefit your career growth.

Moreover, the sad truth is getting more connections is super tough, and it requires a lot of effort. So if you are not willing to spend a lot of time and want to follow a different path, reliable services like uptopsocial can help.

It is a reliable and the best place to buy LinkedIn connection that offers 100% success rate, excellent privacy and 24/7 customer service. Here you can buy 100 to 5000 connections in a reasonable price range.

And the best part is, there are no restrictions on getting or receiving connection invitations. So that you can easily receive any number of connection invitations in a day, which is totally safe.

When you’ll get a vast number of connections in your profile, the LinkedIn algorithm will automatically boost your profile. As a result of this, you’ll get more attention and get noticed by other users, which is good for career or business growth.

Plus, more connections also indicate how driven and active you are. It also points out that you’re perfectly connected with a given community. In short, a good amount of followers will ensure effectiveness in your professional activity.

Steps to Get Anyone to Connect With You on LinkedIn

Before purchasing connections from a reliable source like uptopsocial, do you want to try the natural way to grow your network? If so, this section is for you. Here we’re gonna show you steps to get anyone to connect with you on LinkedIn. Have a look:

●     Create An Optimized And Excellent Profile:


There is a saying “first impression is last impression” and the same term goes with everything, networking-related things. Well, you need to create an impressive and optimized profile.

The reason behind creating a great profile is that the person will visit your profile after receiving your invitation. You must give him or her a reason or a great impression, so that they will think about accepting your invitation.

●     Find The Right People To Invite:


Once you create a nice and optimized profile, it’s time to choose the right person to connect. You must make sure that you’re choosing a well-experienced and knowledgeable user for your own betterment.

Therefore, you need to connect with the users from your field. And follow the section below to know how to find the right users to send connect invitation:

  • You should start with connecting with people you already know. And to do so, simply go to the “People You May Know” section to find people who share the same field experience as you.
  • If you know some specific person and want to follow him or her, just use the search option to find their account.
  • You can invite people to connect with a user through your email network. Just go to “My Network” and then “More Options.” From here, you can sync your email contacts with LinkedIn from this point.
  • Another way to find the right users is by joining your field-related groups. It’s super simple and for that simply use the search option. Once the join required is approved, then you can send a connect invitation to the most active users.
  • Send invitations to the desired user or company.

Although there are many other ways to find the right user or people to connect, these are the most reliable. Plus, you can also use the filter option when you don’t have any particular or group users to connect with. You can narrow the selection process by using the filter option.

●     Write A Decent And Attractive Message:


You can easily connect with family, friends, or colleagues, but what about high-profile users? Well, not everybody will accept your invitation after sending them. Therefore, you have to write a direct message.

If you’re thinking of sending a message by copying from somewhere, there is little chance that the user will accept your invitation. Always try to be specific for every user. In the section below, we’ll show you how to write a decent and attractive message for the person you want to connect:

–       Write Something Relatable:

The very first thing you need to keep in your mind is you need to write something super relatable. It’s the key point that you need to maintain if you want everybody to accept your connection invitation. However, don’t forget to write something about yourself briefly.

–       Compliment Them:

Try to appreciate the user’s work in addition to writing something related. To do that, simply visit their profile, scroll their profile, and read their content carefully. If you like anything specific, try to mention that in the message.

There is a saying that compliments are the best way to get closer to someone, which is extremely easy and free. So, pick a specific thing from his or her profile and then try to compliment them based on the thing.

–       Add Question:

Another simple and effective way to convince someone to accept your invitation to connect is to add questions. Always try to add questions based on the related topic or field, and it’ll be much better to ask for clarification by picking a topic from his or her post.

If the user finds anything like a question, there is a high chance he or she will reply and accept your invitation.

–       Add Value:

Last but certainly not least, you need to add value to your message. Never let the person think twice about accepting your invitation. You could explain why you’d like to connect with them; perhaps you could share your experience too. Plus, you could also express that you’re interested in collaborating with them or knowing more about a specific topic.

Note: Different people will suggest different things to follow while writing a direct message. Well, no matter what you follow, always remember to bring some relatability, compliments, and value to your message.

Closing Thoughts

Unlike others, if you’re a bit serious about your career and want to build a network, then nothing will be more helpful than LinkedIn. This platform is also very helpful for finding job opportunities.

Well, to find more opportunities, it’s important to connect with other users. And now you may know the importance of connecting users and how to connect with users with ease.

However, if you’re out of patience and find it super tough to connect with users, going for services like uptopsocial would be super handy. They offer real users and a lot of reliable services that you’ll rarely find in other services.

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