P Diddy is an American rapper and entrepreneur who’s managed to become one of the most popular rappers in recent times. He’s become an inspiration to a lot of artists due to his rap skills and how he managed to rose through stardom by starting off with nothing but with scratch. 

His father died when he was still a child so his mother has to raise him all by herself. He dropped out of college in order to work in the recording industry. he eventually made his own record label “Bad Boy Records”, which became the starting point of the careers of multiple artists. 

He eventually started his own rap career by releasing his debut album “No Way Out” which gained massive success. P Diddy continued to release more albums and eventually led him to get nominated and win several Grammy Awards.

If you want to know more about this inspiring artist then keep reading as we’ll show you more about his personal life, career, and net worth.

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: P Diddy/Puff Daddy

Real Name: Sean John Combs

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birthday: November 4, 1969

Birthplace: Harlem, New York City

Age: 50 years old 

Nationality: American

Status: In a Relationship

Girlfriend: Gina Huynh

Children: 6

Height: 5’8”

Profession: Rapper, Record Producer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Actor

Net Worth: $855 million

Childhood and Education

Sean John Combs or more popularly known as P Diddy was born on the 4th of November 1969 on Harlem, New York City. His mother worked as a model and teacher’s assistant while his father formerly served in the US air force and was also an associate of the drug dealer Frank Lucas.

In 1972, his father was murdered in Central Park West so his mother had to solely raise him in Mt. Vernon, New York.

He graduated in “Mount Saint Michael Academy” and proceeded to “Howard University” to pursue a career in business. Though he eventually dropped out in his sophomore year and became an intern in “Uptown Records” in New York City.

Personal Life

Sean Combs has had six children with multiple women. He had his first child, Justin, with the designer Mysa Hylton-Brim. 

He then had an on and off relationship with the model Kim Porter. Combs raised and adopted Porter’s son Quincy, and they also conceived three children. Their first child was a boy named Christian and they proceeded to have twin daughters named D’Lila Star and Jessie James. The couple eventually broke off their relationship in 2007.

Combs also had a daughter named Chance from Sarah Chapman. She was born just a few months before her twin daughters arrived.

Career Beginnings and Bad Boy Entertainment

Combs worked as an intern in “Uptown Records” and even helped develop the careers of some artists like Jodeci and Mary J. Blige. Though in 1993, he was eventually fired from the record label which led to him creating his own label “Bad Boy Entertainment”.

P Diddy

His production company became famous for establishing some of the many of the most famous rap, hip-hop, and R&B artists. Some of the artists that were in the label were The Notorious B.I.G., Boyz II Men, and even Mariah Carey. 

By 1996, Sean Combs became “Songwriter of the Year” by ASCAP and his in the following year, Bad Boy Entertainment had sold more than $100 million dollars worth of recordings. 

Becoming One of The Most Influential Rappers

In 1997, Combs recorded his first album as a rapper under the name “Puff Daddy”. His album was titled “No Way Out” and was released under his own record label. It featured the song “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” which became a commercial success and spent Months on the “Billboard Hot 100” chart. 

His second solo album “Forever” was released in 1999 and reached no.2 in the “Billboard 200”. The album was met with mixed reviews with critics but was still able to make success and became a chart-topper in several countries. 

By 2001, he changed his name from “Puff Daddy” to “P Diddy” and also released his third album “The Saga Continues”. The album became quite successful and was also certified Platinum by the RIAA.

P Diddy continued on and created more albums like “Press Play” and “Last Train to Paris” which were all a bunch of commercial success. He was also the producer of several albums and songs of popular artists like Jay-Z’s album “American Gangster”.

Currently, the rapper has now shifted his focus on his acting career and has also announced that he’d be retiring from the music industry. 

Business Ventures

Combs has also been busy with his business career while he was still early in the music industry. In 1998, he created the clothing line “Sean John” which became so successful that in 2003, the Californian billionaire Ronald Burke even invested $100 million on the company. It was even nominated for “Menswear Designer of the Year” by the “Council of Fashion Designer in America” back in 2000.

With the multiple businesses that Combs owns, he has made his own umbrella company called Combs Enterprises. He owns several restaurants which were named after his son Justin and has collaborated with multiple artists and businessmen to create several products of drinks and beverages.

Awards and Achievements

With the successful career that P Diddy has had over the years, he’s been able to have several awards and nominations to his name. He’s won over various BET Awards and has also gotten 3 Grammy Awards for “Best Rap Album” and “Best Rap Performance by a Duo Group”.

P Diddy’s Total Net Worth

P DiddyP Diddy Currently has a net worth of over $855 million. This is no surprise as he’s been able to make so much money out of his business ventures and recording label. He was also ranked as no.12 of Fortune magazine’s “Top 40 of entrepreneurs under 40” back in 2002.

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