With the situation we are in today, disposable gloves and masks are more important than ever. To help reduce the transmission of the global pandemic, COVID-19, people are asked to take preventive measures, particularly when they are outside their homes. These include wearing masks and observing proper handwashing.

While it’s not required, people now are more cautious and prefer to wear disposable gloves outdoors. Because of these happenings, the supply for both gloves and masks are struggling to meet the demand.

To somehow alleviate this problem, certain places, like Taipei, are putting glove and mask vending machines in public places.

The Benefits of Glove and Mask Vending Machines

Putting glove and mask vending machines provides many benefits. Some of them are:


Faster Distribution

The main goal of these vending machines is to make the distribution of gloves and masks faster with less direct contact. They also make the distribution simpler as people will only fall in line, pay, and obtain the products. Through this method, people don’t have to come into contact with others as much as they used to.

Lighten the Workload of Pharmacists

Another great benefit of these vending machines is they greatly lighten the load of pharmacists. People no longer have to fall in line in pharmacies and other stores to get their gloves and masks. Not only are pharmacists attending those buying gloves and masks, but also those buying medicines and other medical supplies.

By lightening the workload of pharmacists, they are now able to accommodate those that have urgent needs. 

Helps Reduce Transmission

As people now acquire their masks and gloves in vending machines, there will be less human contact. This also applies to pharmacists. Since they don’t have to accommodate all customers buying masks and gloves, they have less contact with other people.

Face Masks for Everyone

Face masks and gloves sold on vending machines are generally cheaper. However, this should not mean that they are of less quality. These products may not be similar to those used in hospital settings, but they are effective for general and personal use.

Since they are cheaper, low-income citizens can now acquire and protect themselves from transmission through human contact.

Now that many of the vulnerable have protection, there will now be less transmission of the virus.

Are They Really Important?


We normally get our masks and gloves from pharmacies and other stores that sell medical supplies. But in special situations, we need these things to be more accessible. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is still here, establishments are slowly reopening to save the economy. Because of this, people need to be more cautious when going out.

For working people, deliberately going to stores and pharmacies may not be too ideal at all times. Plus, there is a risk of infection through human contact. With these considered, people who don’t have easy access to protective equipment may choose not to get them at all.

By placing glove and mask vending machines on the streets, people can easily get these supplies at affordable costs.

More and more manufacturers are now working 24/7 to produce masks and gloves at sufficient quantities. The problem now is how to distribute them and get to people who need them. The convenience of vending machines can greatly help address this issue. The simplicity and efficacy of mask and glove distribution through these machines will encourage people to buy them and use them for protection.

How a Glove and Mask Vending Machine Works

Glove and mask vending machines work exactly like how a typical vending machine works. People line up, choose the products to buy, and pay the required amount. After purchasing, the products will then be released in an orifice, typically somewhere at the bottom of the machine. These machines are easy to use, convenient, fast, and greatly reduces human contact.

To give you a cleared picture, check out this video of people from Taipei purchasing face masks from a vending machine:

Final Thoughts

Continuing to fight this pandemic effectively requires us to try and experiment with new solutions. One way to do that is through glove and mask vending machines. By providing people what they need through an easy and fast method, people will be more encouraged to equip themselves with protective gear.

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