It is impossible to cope with summers without an air conditioner and you can install a micro air conditioning system in your home. There are various models available online and it is really a daunting task to choose the right air conditioner for your rooms. In this case, you can hire an ac installation contractor to take his suggestion in choosing the best air conditioner according to your room size.

If you look for an air conditioner for your small bedroom, office cabin or electric vehicle, then you can choose a compact Aircon Unit. Apart from that, you can choose an Aircon for your off-road camping and outdoor activities.

Aircon is a micro air conditioner, which is available with various power capacities, such as 12V, 24V, and 48V. The height of these air conditioners is 5.7 inches and it has 8.2 inches wider. So you can easily install such Micro DC Aircon units in your small cabin and restricted places. Even, you can find such models in cockpit for spot cooling.

What are the advantages of micro air conditioners?

You cannot connect normal air conditioners to a DC power unit. But, you can easily connect micro air conditioners to a DC unit, and it can easily consume power from car battery and solar panel. Such micro air conditioners can consume 500Btu and they can be connected to a DC inverter.

• Micro ac units are environment-friendly and you can easily install such reverse cycle air conditioners in your storage units. You can choose 12 volt portable air conditioners for your small rooms, vehicles, and cabins. These micro air conditioners are designed with a split electric box and control system. You cannot find any noise from the covered compressor of these AC units.
• You do not have any other choice rather than a micro air conditioner for your small cabins, cuddy cabins and electric vehicles. You can install such micro AC in a confined place. Apart from that, you can also use portable 12V or 24V micro air conditioners in your outdoor areas by using your car battery or solar power.
• Similar to normal air conditioners, you can find two units in DC Aircon such as indoor and outdoor unit. But, they are lightweight and easy to carry. These air conditioners are designed with BLDC inverter compressor, driver board, condenser, evaporator, refrigeration parts and capillary. All these parts are installed in a small unit, and you can customise the model according to your needs.
• Even you can use the smallest 12 volt ac unit for your small cabins and vehicles and prevent extreme heat and humid temperature.

Different types of Micro DC Aircon units:

There are mainly three types of micro air conditioners available in the market such as 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt AC units. So, you can choose the best one according to your requirements. Here you can find important information about different types of micro AC units:

Micro Air Conditioning

12 volt portable air conditioners: if you want to cool down your small cabin and you do not have enough space to install an AC, then you can choose a portable air conditioner.

This is one of the smallest air conditioners available in the market and it can run through grid power, battery, and solar power. These micro air conditioners are available as indoor and outdoor units and both the units are lightweight and small.

24 volt micro AC units: 12Volt and 24Volt micro Aircon air conditioners are designed with the same technology, but 24V micro AC has more cooling capacity than a 12V AC. It has more than 55W cooling capacity and it is designed with BLDC inverter compressor, driver board, condenser, refrigeration parts and capillary and evaporator with fan. It is perfect for small space cooling.

48 Volt micro air conditioners: This is a micro AC unit that can be operated by 48V battery. Such air conditioners have parts similar to that of 14V air conditioners, and it has a powerful BLDC inverter compressor and driver board. Apart from that, it has a cooling fan with powerful evaporator for small space cooling.

Solar Micro DC Aircon: Apart from the above models, you can find some solar panel DC Aircon units, which can run through solar power. The conversion of sunlight to electricity is called as solar system and it can save your power consumption to a great extent. Now you can use your solar power to run your air conditioners and save your power consumption bill. Even, you can use such micro AC in your off-road camp where no electric power is available.

Why would you choose micro DC Aircon?

Micro DC Aircon or micro air conditioners are cooling sub systems. It is the smallest air conditioner available with indoor and outdoor unit. You can use it as thermal management system for small spaces and micro air conditioners can easily prevent extreme hot temperature.

It can control the humidity of your rooms and vehicles. You can use them for your personal cabin, vehicle and outdoor camps. They are easy to install and they have large cooling capacity. Plus, you can connect them to your solar panels and save your power consumption bill.

People may prefer portable air conditioners than micro air conditioners because they can be easily moved from place to place. But, portable air conditioners are noisier than micro air conditioners and you cannot connect a portable AC to your solar power or grid or battery.

But, portable air conditioners have 11,000 -14,000 BTU cooling capacity and they can be used for your large rooms. You can use such portable units in garage, computer rooms, and cabins. But, you cannot use them in your vehicle and recreational off-road camps.

In this case, you need to use micro air conditioners. You can easily install them in your small rooms, cabins, vehicles and camps. For example, if you want to organize a party at your outdoor garden during summer then you need to use some cooling systems to control the temperature. You can install a few micro air conditioners in your outdoor area and control the temperature. These can control the humidity level and you can use them in an open air space.

What are the features of micro air conditioners?

Micro air conditioners are the small space coolers that have many applications. People can use such micro DC Aircon for personal cooling, electronic devices, medical devices, and laser cooling. Similar to traditional air conditioners, it has indoor and outdoor units and people can easily install such small units in their restricted space.

You want to maintain your cabin temperature to work from your desk comfortably? Want to avoid any damage to the system because of high temperature? You can install a micro Aircon in your cabin. Apart from that, you can also install such air conditioners in laboratories to maintain your scientific equipment or maintain the temperature inside them.

• Micro air conditioners are available with indoor and outdoor units
• They are lightweight and small (12lbs/5.5 Kgs)
• These air conditioners are available with 12 volt, 24 volt, and 48 volt DC inputs
• They are designed with brushless inverter
• They have 500Btu~1,800Btu cooling capacity
• They are simple to install and you do not need to pay any installation charge for such micro air conditioners
• They have smaller dimension, 13.7*10.2*7 inch
• They can be connected to power grid, battery, and solar system

What are the applications of micro air conditioners?

You can use install micro air conditioners in small spaces. They are portable air conditioners having reverse cycle technology. You can install them in your vehicles and trucks.

If you have a food, electronic or medical plant then you need to maintain a certain temperature for your products during their transportation. You can install such portable air conditioners in your trucks to deliver your products.

Apart from that, you can use such ACs in your small cabin. You can install a micro AC in distribution box, vehicles, electric box, outdoor advertising box, and other small spaces.

How would you choose the best micro Aircon?

• Size of the room: You need to measure the room or vehicle before you install a micro Aircon. You cannot install such air conditioners in your large rooms. Always check the capacity of your micro Aircon before you install.
• Inverter: you must choose a micro Aircon that has powerful BLDC inverter. Otherwise, you need to replace the AC due to frequent power fluctuation.
• Solar and battery: most of the micro air conditioners can run through grid, battery, and solar power. So, you can check the same before you buy. If you want to use such cooling systems in your outdoor space then you must choose a micro Aircon that has solar power technology.

Apart from that, you must check their price, warranty, cooling capacity, installation guidelines, and air swing technology before you buy. You can search for such ACs online to choose the best among them.

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