Like every single snowflake is unique, so is every human being roaming Earth. But that is beside the point. The definition of a snowflake has changed over the years. Still, they are usually self-absorbed, arrogant, or overly sensitive individuals without the know-how required for a particular task.

According to the eccentric CEO of Silent Partner Marketing, Kyle S. Reyes, a snowflake is a person who portrays characteristics of entitlement without the fundamental skills to match it. And while fake it till you make it seems like the slogan associated with success in everyday life, it most certainly never works in favor of employers. And that is where the snowflake test comes into play.

A snowflake test is designed to separate the chaff from the grain. And here’s the best part. It is done online. So, you won’t have to sit through several rigorous interviews just to find the one person who rightfully fits the job description.

Kyle S. Reyes came up with a set of 30 series questions on controversial topics like faith, patriotism, work ethics, and salary. And statistics show that some people weed themselves out even before the interview when they realize a snowflake test is on the menu. So, yes. It works efficiently.

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Are Snowflake tests the new hiring standard?. 1

Why use a snowflake test, you ask?. 1

Snowflake test questions. 2

The Downside…… 2

Has the Snowflake test been well received?. 2

Final Thoughts. 3

Why use a snowflake test, you ask?

Traditional interview methods are still being used successfully, so why go against the norm? That’s easy. The society we live in today consists of a myriad of harsh realities; therefore, having people who are aware and work towards a similar goal will make all the difference.

While having different opinions certainly contributes to an organization, self-gratification without considering others will ruin it. Some people believe they are always right, even when they aren’t. Having such an employee will be detrimental to the growth of your company. Why not use the ace up your sleeve that is a snowflake test to save your company lots of resources you would otherwise end up losing?

Overconfidence is also another aspect of weeding out. While it does help get the job done half the time, too much of it causes more harm than good. A good employee should always have the company’s best interest at heart and not their own.

And while everyone is hired on their own, most tasks require teamwork. Therefore, if an employee doesn’t respect other people’s opinions, is self-centered and entitled, they might not be the best fit for the organization. So again, a snowflake test works like a charm in solving this for you.

Snowflake test questions

Every company or employer can come up with its own list of questions depending on the job requirements and the organizational goals and values. And while the questions may hit a nerve or two, you should always keep in mind that race, religion, or political affiliations must not be used against anyone. Some of the common snowflake test questions include, but are not limited to,

  • What should be done to combat gun violence?
  • Black Lives Matter indicates that?
  • What do you think about feminism?
  • What does the concept of freedom of speech mean to you?
  • What do you understand by Privilege?
  • What does faith mean to you?
  • Which type of people can’t you stand?

The Downside…

While snowflake tests help you get the right employee with skills and a mindset tailored to meet your company’s needs, it comes with its own flipside.

Getting an entire council of employees with a similar mindset could break your company, mainly if your company deals with customers of different perspectives.

Similar-minded people might also not give insight into some emerging problems outside of their comfort zones. This could result in more harm than good to you or your company as it stagnates depending on societal issues.

Finally, most humans lie. Since the test is done online on random individuals worldwide, there is no efficient way of guaranteeing the truth behind the answers given. Therefore, you could end up selecting the wrong employees based on deliberate lies on the Snowflake test. This highlights the inefficiency in the test results, as some of the answers might not be a true reflection of an individual’s personality. Some of the questions used could also be ambiguous or have no right answers, therefore limiting the individuals to certain choices that might not be a reflection of their true selves.

Has the Snowflake test been well received?

While change is inevitable, it takes a while to be embraced. Many employers have started incorporating the use of the Snowflake tests in their interviewing criteria after the massive success with Kyle S. Reyes. However, some people are still skeptical, especially with the lying aspect of human beings.

On the other hand, others consider the term ‘snowflake’ as highly discriminatory and sheer bigotry, thus not favoring the Snowflake test. But whether you choose to incorporate the online test in your hiring criteria or not, having the right team is an essential part of your company’s growth. So, choose wisely.

Final Thoughts

The left-wing termed the right-wing millennials as snowflakes to insinuate that they were ultra-fragile and seemed to be offended by every little thing. And that is where the online test comes in.

The Snowflake test is a self-innovated hypersensitiveness test designed to help with job interviews, among other aspects of life like call-out culture and self-assessment.

It effectively separates the overconfident, self-righteous people with no accompanying skills from the employees your company needs. In addition, according to Silent Partner’s Marketing claims, it effectively filters up to 60% of job applicants so that you only remain with the crème of the bunch.

But with yin, there’s always yang. Human beings are prone to lying, which is also evident in the Snowflake online tests. There is no guarantee that the answers accurately indicate the person’s personality; thus, it is a gamble.

If you are an employer or own a company, you must ensure there are contingency measures in place to assemble your dream team in case the test is not entirely practical. Choose smart.

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