If you are looking for a moisturizing hand sanitizer that uses natural ingredients, the Dr Clean Spray review will come in handy.

What is Dr Clean Spray?  

Dr Clean Spray is a hand sanitizer and moisturizer made with Aloe Vera, ethyl alcohol, glycerine, and other natural ingredients. These ingredients specialize in recovering hand tissues undergoing damage.

It does this work by hydrating your skin for more extended periods, thus providing proper care and cleansing. This product is meant for frequent use in maintaining good hygiene, as seen in most Dr Clean spray reviews.

How it Works

To use this hand moisturizer, you must first remove other accessories from your hands. Your hands should be dry as well, and if not, then make a point of drying them with a piece of cloth. The next step is pouring a small amount of gel on the palm of your hands and rubbing it gently. You should make a point of rubbing the gel all over your hand to ensure complete evaporation.

In general, using the spray is quite simple. The advantage of Dr Spray is that it helps combat biological organisms and bacterial growth. Apart from getting rid of stains, the spray also has a beautiful smell to Keep your home fresh, as you can spray the sanitizer around your house.

The cleanser also cleans metal surfaces by breaking down dirt, grime, and grease. The stain particles gradually lose grip on the surfaces when the spray meets them, thus providing a fresh outlook afterward. For plastic, rubber, and vinyl, Dr clean operates by breaking down fats and oils that build up. The various surfaces look sparkles clean with this effect, thus giving your home items a brand-new look.

On glass surfaces, the spray cleans and leaves the surface protected and non-sticky, thus allowing your windows to appear clear without a foggy look.


Here are some of the details that concern the product;

  • Product Type – a hand moisturizer and sanitizer
  • Store URL – https:/www.mygeisha.ro/
  • Quantity – 100 ml
  • Cost – 1800 RON
  • Storage Temperature – five to twenty-five degrees
  • Ethyl alcohol presence – 75%

Perks of Using Dr Clean Spray

Using Dr Clean spray has some advantages, and they include;

  • You will find the product on all social media platforms.
  • The product helps recover damaged skin, thus giving your proper hand care.
  • This hand sanitizer uses Aloe Vera, a special ingredient for moisturizing your hand.
  • It is not necessary to rinse your hands after applying Dr clean sanitizer.
  • When you purchase the product from an online store, you get a 10% discount.

Disadvantages of Using Dr Clean

In as much as Dr Clean hand moisturizer and sanitizer has a great to use, it also comes with slight disadvantages; here are some of them;

  • The product reviews of Dr Clean are not available for sharing with individuals till now.
  • Eye irritation occurs when you touch your eyes after using the sanitizer spray.
  • The sanitizer is flammable and not ideal for children.

The legitimacy of Dr Clean Spray

If you want to determine the product’s legitimacy, there are checkpoints to note. Firstly, the hand sanitizer spray is founded by My Geisha that dates from the 7th of January 2018.

This starting point offers a bit of stability when identifying the product’s roots. Nevertheless, you will not find Dr Clean Spray reviews on large platforms like Trustpilot and Amazon. The only way to learn about the products is by going through their official website to see customer views.

There is also no provision of stars and ratings given to the product. However, it is crucial to note that My Geisha is famous on social media, and they share their posts about the spray more often. On the website’s portal, you will find all the necessary details that pertain to the product. The great advantage is that you can also find this product on other shopping sites, and you can purchase them at any time.

In essence, we can say that the product is legitimate in terms of its services. The scam advisors give the product a 96% credibility score; thus, we can confidently use Dr Clean spray. Nevertheless, you may find customers who have trouble trusting the sites due to a lack of buyer feedback on major platforms about the product.

Dr Clean Spray Reviews

There aren’t any comments from customers about this product. The Instagram and Facebook account of My Geisha share the product’s post, but only a few viewers like it. The analysis, therefore, is that people are not ready or interested in adding the item to their carts even though it has advantages.

The portal only has five positive comments, but one may question whether these feedbacks are real. Therefore, it is not recommendable that you rely on these reviews but should approach the product with an open mind.


The primary findings from the product reviews are that using this hand sanitizer will not damage your skin. All the ingredients have a proper concentration making usage safe and concise.

The only negative signs are the unavailability of the product reviews online and on their social media accounts. Overall, the product has slightly significant popularity; therefore, checking it out is a good choice.

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