YouTube is the second most accessed social network. About 86% of Internet users access YouTube. With this potential, the platform becomes one of the main Relationship Marketing channels through the production of content for the internet. But, how to improve your YouTube channel? That’s what the E-Dialog blog will talk about today.

In addition to attracting people who are interested in your industry, having an effective video strategy can add market relevance and authority to your brand.

More and more people are interested in creating content on YouTube and the competition for keywords is fierce.

If you’re at the beginning of your channel and didn’t have any results in the first videos, don’t be discouraged. To help you out, here is a checklist that might be a good start. 

Is there magic to earning views on YouTube?

All you need to do is Google the subject and you’ll come across magic solutions like free sites, programs, and apps that increase YouTube views. This is not done by humans, but by robots, and so it is foul play!

No wonder the platform makes explicit in its service policies that those who buy views and other metrics can have the channel closed and removed. 

The motivation for banning channels with “fake views” is to make the service more attractive to advertisers, who pay to have their ads seen by real people.

Today, YouTube is a source of profit for professionals and brands around the world. Despite the heavy competition and the speed at which things happen, you can stand out if you practice the right techniques. 

How to improve your YouTube channel?

Creating a channel is just the first and simplest step to be on YouTube. Your company needs to have a way to get this content out, such as the help of a well-trafficked website or other social networks with good reach. And, obviously, your company needs to be able to produce relevant content frequently, respecting a schedule to get viewers used to receiving videos on certain days.

E-Dialog has separated 8 tips to help you improve your YouTube channel. Check out:

#1 Add annotations to videos

Annotations are great for interacting with whoever is watching the video. When the note appears, usually everyone ends up reading it. The video space is limited, so she’s in sight at all times. It’s interesting to link the notes to other pages that are interesting to you: for example, another video, a playlist, the website, the channel’s subscription…

#2 Include cards

Cards are a YouTube innovation. They arrived to optimize annotations. With cards, the video can redirect the user to four options: website, fundraising, merchandise, and video/playlist.

#3 Links at the end of videos

If you are going to use annotations at the beginning of the videos, use them to convey a message, but not to direct the user to another page. To link, always put annotations at the end of the videos. The reason is the next tip.

#4 Prioritize the number of minutes watched

Although many people think that the number of subscribers to the channel is the most important, the idea is that people always watch your videos, even if they don’t subscribe. You probably have the habit of always watching videos from a specific channel, such as Porta dos Fundos, and not being subscribed to the channel. You know that the videos have the right periodicity and you don’t need a reminder because you’ve become a regular viewer of the channel.

#5 Create playlists

The playlist is a very effective way to improve your YouTube channel. You create relationships and connections between your videos and increase the chance that the Internet user will continue watching the videos if the subjects remain interesting.

Create themed playlists, with videos of similar themes (similar, not repetitive). Playback is automatic and takes a few seconds between one video and another. If the content is good, the user is stuck in the playlist and ends up increasing the number of minutes watched on your channel.

#6 Interact

The principle of every SOCIAL network is that there is interaction, right? On YouTube, this is no different. Improving your YouTube channel involves commenting, liking, and referring your page and videos constantly to other users and even channels. Also, now you can now buy YouTube comments, views, and subscribers.

#7 Encourage subscription to your channel

Although we have already said to prioritize the number of minutes watched, this does not mean that subscribers should be forgotten. Being subscribed to a YouTube channel means that the user is interested enough to always be notified when there is news. It’s proof that your content is important to him and he doesn’t want to miss anything.

#8 Sponsor

Just like Facebook and several other social networks, to appear, you have to pay. With AdWords, you can sponsor videos to appear as suggestions to other users, at the top of searches, and so on. A shortcut to greater reach. Invest!

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