So, you have never really taken workouts seriously your entire life, and now suddenly, you have come to know about its benefits. It can be really an exciting phase as you are all ready to take up this new challenge. B

ut if you have no experience, then the initial over-excitement may lead to severe injuries and forever make you fearful about exercising. Here are a few pro tips that will help you start working out safely as a beginner.

Get Medical Clearance:

If you suffer from certain medical conditions such as asthma, knee pain, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure. Before starting your workout sessions, you need to consult your doctor first to understand what is allowed and what is not.

Learn Your Stamina:

You need to learn how much stamina you have before your workout routine is set. A gym trainer can help you understand your stamina and set a suitable workout routine for you.

Ensure you join a reputed gym such as Wellfit UAE, which offers really experienced trainers so that you begin your workout journey right.


We need to emphasize this point as we have seen many people getting injured because they felt warming up is not that important. It takes a few minutes but saves you from many injuries.

Your muscles need to warm and flex before you start the heavy workout. Start slow and end slowly is the workout motto. You can start with some basic stretches to loosen up your muscles and follow that with light jogging to warm up your body.

Drink a Lot of Water:

You will sweat while you work out, and there are chances of dehydration which may cause fatigue. You need to hydrate your body to avoid muscle soreness.

Cool Down:

After you finish working out, do not stop abruptly. You need to take a few minutes to cool down so that your heart is allowed to slowly return to its resting rate. A light jog and some stretches should do the trick. This will prevent muscle soreness and injuries.

Do Not Overdo:

You have just begun working out. The people you have been eyeing who lift heavyweight have been doing it for years. You may be really enthusiastic about being able to lift heavy weight and do 50 squats but start small. You will get there eventually. Just be patient and consistent.

Listen to Your Body:

This is very important as you must have read everywhere that you need to push yourself to do more. We agree, but you need to also know how much you can really push. If it gets too uncomfortable, just stop. Your body will give you signals when it has reached its limit, do listen.

The Bottom Line:

It may get really dull initially as you want to do more but are limited. This is just a phase that will pass. As your stamina increases, you will be able to do much more safely than before. Remember, slow and steady is the way to go when you are a workout beginner.

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