When summer comes, we all think of new adventures and pleasant emotions, right? This is what we strive for the most. Although, there is another thing that the hot season brings – it is time to refresh our wardrobes and accessories boxes.

As for our eyes, we need to provide them with great coverage in order to cut out harmful ultraviolet rays and enjoy being outside to the fullest. The question is, how do you pick out a perfect shape of sunglasses to both protect your eyes and create a wonderful image? Here are the 5 best options that are worth considering.

1. Practical Aviators

This iconic shape’s history dates back to the 1930s when such sunglasses were developed at the request of the US military. Aviators were first meant to be worn by professional pilots. It was a necessity to be able to feel comfortable even when flying at high altitudes, and this accessory became a great helper on that.

This type of sunnies reduces a huge part of glare, cuts out bright hues, and features unmatchable functionality. Besides their practical serving, Aviators also look casual and stylish which makes them a perfect choice for daily wear and special events.

2. Flirty Cat-Eyes

This shape offers you to open up your inner self which is playful and coquettish. Their main characteristic lies in being a little wider at the frame top compared to the bottom. This allows a wearer to get more attention drawn and stand out among others.

Cat-Eye sunglasses usually come as great feminine models that let women make a fashion statement but who said that the choice of eyewear should be limited due to gender? Thus, the niche of glasses production decided to come up with elegant sunglasses of this shape for men as well. Voguish and extravagant, Cat-Eyes will become an essential part of any confident person’s wardrobe.

3. Universal Rounds

If you are looking for a perfect pair of sunglasses that is suitable for everyday wear, it makes sense to focus on Round frames. They are a total match for a basic wardrobe and most clothing combinations, so when you are dressing up, you can be sure that these sunnies will probably become an ideal add-on to the look.

To get a perfect rounded model, we offer you to check out the new models of the Maui Jim brand. It is a unique eyewear manufacturer that specializes in producing voguish and bold sunglasses and optical frames. The brand’s history is closely connected to the Hawaiian Islands as it was born there. So, the manufacturers take advantage of it and manage to combine their unique culture and the latest technologies to design and produce goods of premium quality.

4. Elegant Rectangles

A Rectangle shape is another great option for modern and fashion-forward people. It seems like these sunglasses will always be trendy because they suit most people. This is due to the fact that they have sharp angles that balance out a person’s features.

It works both ways – if you have broad face areas, they immediately look smaller, but if you have narrow ones, Rectangles highlight them and give the needed contrast in general. Elegant and flattering, they become a favorite accessory for lots of men and women. Try getting one pair, and there’s no going back from getting more and more of this shape.

5. Voguish Oversized Sunnies

The trend for baggy clothes burst into our lives and still has a huge impact on our daily outfits. The same story with Oversized sunglasses – there’s a tendency to go for large shapes now, and this is due to several reasons. Firstly, these sunnies help to cover more area and give it a better level of protection in order to cut out the impact of UV radiation.

Secondly, it is possible to hide your eyes and stay incognito if there’s a need to do so. To accomplish such a mission, pick out darker shades of the lenses. Finally, they simply look cool and fashionable. Combine Oversized sunglasses with a voguish outfit and you will get millions of compliments on your style.

Any of these 5 amazing shapes will become an outstanding add-on that enhances your image letting you feel like a million dollars. No matter if you choose flirty Cat-eyes or universal Rounds, you have to make sure your heart is into it and it fully reflects how you feel about yourself.

Do not be afraid to experiment or choose a frame you never had before. Simply keep in mind that you have to feel comfortable and confident wearing a particular pair of sunglasses. Show the world your impeccable style and enjoy yourself.

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