Everyone knows UV rays are no one’s best friend. Yes, the sun is essential for every living thing, but too much of it is not good. Which is why it is always recommended to wear sunscreen and lotion with SPF for protection. But your eyes are as precious as your skin too, and a pair of Prada sunglasses will help you along the way.

However, you don’t just buy any sunglasses you lay your eyes on. Just because it looks very elegant and classy doesn’t mean you have to buy it right away because what if it turns out it doesn’t suit you at all? What if it’s very difficult to pair with your outfits?

Things you should consider first before buying a new pair of sunglasses

Sure, it looks pretty. It’s expensive and high-quality. But does it match your face shape? What about your skin tone? Do you like it because it is functional or do you only like it for its style?

Before you invest in a new pair of sunglasses, you have to consider four important things first: your face shape, skin tone, personality, and lifestyle.

  • Face shape

The face shape might be the most critical thing you need to consider before buying different models of Prada sunglasses.

Stay away from small, round frames if you have a round face because they will only make your face appear rounder. Instead, wear square or rectangular frames to keep it balanced. If you have an oval face, wide frames are the best for you but avoid frames that are too large.

People with square faces need an oval or round frame and should avoid boxy sunglasses. All you need is balance. If you have a diamond-shaped face then look for cat sunglasses. Oval frames will look good on you, too. But you need to avoid sunglasses with boxy frames.

Lastly, if you have a heart-shaped face, you’re lucky because most frame types will all look good on you.

  • Skin tone

The safe move is to choose neutral-toned sunglasses like brown or gold if you have a warmer complexion. However, you might think since black and white are also neutral colours, you can wear them too. But they might not flatter your skin tone.

If you have a cool complexion, choose something darker to make it pop, such as grey, black, blue, and silver.

  • Personality and style

The third thing to consider is your personality or style. Some Prada sunglasses look bold and playful. If you’re someone who likes to explore different styles, you can surely rock anything. But make sure to match your glasses to the occasion or place. Otherwise, a classy pair of neutral sunglasses will always look good on anyone, given that you follow the rules on face shapes and skin tones.

  • Lifestyle

The fourth thing to think about is what you do every day. Are you the person who always works in front of the computer? Do you often travel like going to the beach or shopping? Are you physically active?

Keep in mind that you also have to consider the functionality of every accessory you wear.

If you go out often, you might want to hoard many sunglasses to keep your eyes protected. But before you buy, make sure to take note of your face shape, skin tone, personality, and lifestyle first.

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