Reducing your electricity bill by over 50% is not a complicated task. Some of the things are free, while other steps may cost you a few bucks. But when you consider how much you save over time, the investments are well worth the return. The hardest part of these steps you will encounter will be teaching the people who live with you and visit you how to follow the tips outlined below.

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  • Solar Power – If you add some solar panels and batteries, you can save on your electricity bill from 50 to 100 percent. You can even produce more than you need, which can be sold back to the power company to give you some credits on your next bill.
  • Wind Turbine Power – If you prefer to take advantage of the wind by your house, or if you want to supplement the solar panels with some wind power, it can create more energy than you will need in a month. Wind turbines are an expensive investment but well worth it, especially if you live in an area that gets non-stop wind.
  • Hydropower – Another renewable resource option that you have available to use if you have any type of running water on your property is hydropower. It can also produce more power than an average home would ever need, so you could find yourself making a profit instead of owing money to the nearest power supplier.
  • Lighting – You can do many things with your lighting that will affect your electricity use. You probably will not be able to save over 50% with these steps alone, but you will definitely see a decrease in your power bill.
  • Change your bulbs to LED or energy-saving bulbs.
  • Change your outdoor security lighting to solar-powered lights.
  • Use lamps instead of room lights.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  • Install smart light switches with sensors, so the lights turn off automatically when you leave the room.
  • Use fluorescent bulbs in the shop and garage.
  • Thermostat – It has been shown that turning your thermostat down by even one degree can save you a substantial amount of money. Turn it down two and three, and wear a long-sleeved shirt in the winter. If you are in the summer heat, turn the thermostat up a few degrees and put on a tank top. If you want more control over the thermostat because your family members refuse to cooperate, you can install a smart thermostat that you can control from your mobile device, even allowing you to lock the temperatures you want to stay at.
  • Compare Service Providers – A simple step that you may not have even considered is comparing prices from your area’s service providers. The easiest way to do this is to go online to a comparison site, such as iSelect, and let them do the leg work for you. They will take your information and match it to some of their partners willing to work with you. From there, you will have to go through the offers and pick the cheapest one that still gives you the level of service you need.
  • Ceiling Fans – If you turn off your air conditioner and turn the ceiling fans on, you can save a significant amount of money on your power bill, which means you are saving electricity.
  • Appliances – Switch out your old appliances for ones designed to be energy efficient. They work much better than the older styles and use less power to run.
  • Energy Vampires – One of the biggest drains on your power is the little energy vampires you all have. When you are not charging your mobile devices, unplug the chargers. When you are not charging your laptop, unplug it. This means unplugging the entire charging unit from the wall because, believe it or not, they are draining small amounts of power when they are left plugged in.
  • Microwaves and Electric Skillets – These two units substantially reduce your cooking time, so whenever possible, use them for cooking your food rather than the stove or range. You can even use an air fryer for cooking many types of food. Anything that cuts the time down will save you on the electricity you use.
  • BBQ – You all love to eat food cooked on the BBQ, so use it more often. The more you use it, the less electricity you use. If you have one that does plug in, opt not to use that part of the BBQ because you can cook almost everything in the sections with heat by briquets or propane.

You should have the point by now. Go through your house and change the old and outdated things, turn off the lights, unplug all the items that are not in use, and always be aware of drafts from outside. If you feel one, trace the problem down and fix it. If you need to add some insulation into the attic or crawlspace, do it. If your windows let cold air in and out, it is time to replace them.

The bottom line is that you just need to be aware of your surroundings, and when you find a problem, fix it. Fix it in such a way as to improve the amount of electricity that you are using. Always do what you can to reduce the footprints you and your family are leaving on the environment around you. This will, of course, reduce the amount of electricity you are using.

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