2022 is slowly approaching. That means it is time to refresh your wardrobe for the next year ahead. We recommend that you start by stocking up on your new basics. Closet essentials are used as your wardrobe base, but that does not mean you need to resort to purchasing boring and plain items.

The goal is to revamp your 2021 closet with an updated classic that will offer you no-fuss yet stylish options throughout the entire year.

  • Statement blazer

It can double as work-friendly and complement your dinner outfit. This clothing item will be convenient for temperatures that rise while you are out. Blazers can be worn along with matching suit pants, shorts, or a monochrome layer.

  • Denim jeans

Denim pants or boyfriend jeans are a good item in your closet for a much more chill environment. Not all events would require you to dress up. Thus keeping a comfortable pair of denim jeans can be your ideal fit. Make sure you spice up your special pants by buying a particular pattern or those in non-neutral color.

  • Platform heels or just heels

A quality pair of heels or platform heels could dress up any outfit or become the accessory to finish off your entire look.

  • Trench coats

Keep in mind that your winter wardrobe always calls for a trench coat in your seasonal clothing cycle. That’s true unless you are one step ahead of everyone and have already secured one of the lengthy pieces.

A trench coat will not only keep you warm, but you are adding an appealing layer that is equally versatile at the same time. Common brands like Zara and H&M or thrift stores can offer your choices to get a contemporary look.

  • Bike shorts

A pair of bike shorts were no doubt one of the ideal fashion staples that came in the last year. The convenient and handy bottoms can be worn in the gym, with an oversized tee, a bralette—and the fit will look casual and comfy every time. Further, these shorts complement well along with a white shoe that is the same as Nike’s Air Force 1s.

  • Chic glasses

You would also like to pair your clothing with versatile eyewear. Specific eyeglass frame shapes could make your face look younger. The famous cat-eye style will visually boost your face and mimic the structure of the high cheekbones. Also, a pair of fashion frames in a bold shade can brighten your skin tone and eyes, offering a youthful and fun vibe.

  • Gold earrings

Take note that a pair of gold hoop earrings seem to be the newest jewelry trend in the past years, and it is obvious why they are the golden accessory option. Minimal yet efficient, a hoop earring is a staple piece to accompany any tone on the color palette.

  • Leather jacket

Whether you are going for a chic, feminine, or more a biker gang look, leather outerwear will offer you the finishing touch you seek.

Which of these wardrobe essentials do you already have in your closet?

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