Many of us are always looking for ways to stay young. Given the advent of the pandemic and the stress it has brought along with it, it is only natural that many people have been finding ways to stay young, fresh, and beautiful despite the stress.

Although we cannot stop the clock, there are several ways to look and feel young. There is no fountain of youth, but there are waters from the fountain of youth that you can drink in order to stay young. These waters can be in the form of self-care, beauty routine, meditation, and so on.

Keep in mind that beauty is not necessarily all about how you look, it is more of how you carry yourself and how you connect with other people.

So the best way to stay beautiful is to accept the fact you cannot take back time. You just need to focus on the things you can in order to stay, free, and beautiful.

With that, we have created these model routine tips to help you.

1. Get enough sleep

One of the most recommended and surefire ways to stay young and healthy is to get more sleep. Even though this sounds like the most generic advice you would hear, there is several data-backed research that proves getting enough sleep really does wonders to your skin and even your wellbeing. In fact, the University of Georgia suggested that we adults need somewhere between 6-10 hours every night.

And as we all know, when you are not under stress, you are able to take care of yourself hence the reason why you look better.

Getting enough sleep also means your body, spirit, and mind are all well-rested. This means you have more time to relax and pamper yourself.

Another interesting fact about getting enough sleep is that even if you have weekend catchup sleep, it still would not change a thing. You cannot cheat on sleep and expect to get away from it.

According to a Harvard article, you should get enough sleep so that you can optimize your well-being. Consider prioritizing sleep and reframing your relationship with it so that you can have a better and more improved sleeping schedule.

Extending and catching up on sleep during the weekend would simply not cut it. You need to rethink and reframe your sleeping habits.

2. Find a hobby

As cliché as it is, having a hobby improves and enhances the quality of your life.

The best thing about having a hobby is that it allows you to have fun while still being mentally productive. Since hobbies are a thing that you usually share or enjoy with other people, they can also boost your social life and help you build a stronger bond with other people.

It is a productive use of your time because it can be beneficial to other people and events as well.

Hobbies teach you to be productive and be more patient at the same time.

3. Drink Lots of water

Another piece of advice that may sound cliché but is scientifically proven to help you and your skin is drinking lots of water.

Trade show models swear by this beauty tip and they have been reaping its natural benefits ever since. They started to notice that their skin looks more plump and healthy ever since they started drinking more water. Since it helps us get rid of our body wastes, it is a great model tip that would keep both our external and internal body clean.

Keep in mind that when your water is a lot thicker and you have not been drinking water, it would then increase your already pressure.

4. Be more sociable

Socializing is great for your mind and body. Since it has always been in our nature to be around other people, socializing helps us function more effectively.

Through socialization, we are able to see ourselves through the eyes of other people. We better understand who we are as an individual, who we are as a community, and how we would contribute as a functioning member of the society.

The more we socialize, the less stressed we become. With this, we are able to focus more on ourselves and allot more time for self-care.

On top of that, we become more aware of all the beauty trends if we socialize. We are able to share or hear beauty tips from our friends or anyone from our circle.

5. Use Sunscreen

One of the most recommended beauty tips suggested by dermatologists is to apply sunscreen every day. This would not only prevent your skin from aging but it is also a great way to stay away from cancer.

As we all know, staying too long under the sun without any protection increases our chances of getting cancer. By using sunscreens, we are able to block all these cancerous UV rays that penetrate our skin.

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