Back in the day, a lot of people would decide to undergo a complete facial makeover in order to make themselves look different, or in most cases just younger. However, with today’s medical advancements, there are procedures like blepharoplasty, which can give you back the youthful looks with minimal work from the surgeon side, and the best part is that it looks quite natural.

What is blepharoplasty?

It is a type of surgery that revolves around repairing the droopy eyelids. This is done by either removing the excess skin, fat, or even muscle. Eyes play quite a big role when it comes to telling someone’s age, and eyelids are probably the most important element. As we age, the eyelids get stretched, and the muscles that give them support become weaker over time.

The reason behind it is mostly due to gravity, which is the cause of most of the body parts sagging, however, another reason is simply that the collagen levels in those areas get reduced as we age, which makes our skin weaker. That causes sagging eyebrows, droopy upper lids, and also those bags under the eyes that nobody likes to see on themselves when they look into the mirror.

Aging is not the only thing that a is the issue, as sagging skin around the eyes can often obscure someone’s vision, especially the side vision. What blepharoplasty will do is reduce and remove the vision problems as well, while also giving you a youthful look.

Double eyelid surgery gives noticeable results

Double eyelid surgery gives noticeable results

Risks for blepharoplasty

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, this one is not without risk, however, if you decide to get the best blepharoplasty in Sydney, you should not worry about them at all. Possible risks when undergoing blepharoplasty are infections, dry and irritated eyes, a bit of noticeable scarring, skin discoloration, and other risks associated with general surgery, such as reaction to anesthesia.

Preparing for the surgery

In order to minimize those risks, the surgeon will instruct you to follow some rules so the procedure goes as good as it possibly can, not only visually, but in the physiological ways that your body will react to the procedure. You will be asked about your medical history, as well as to not set your expectations too high, as this procedure can only make you look that much younger.

Naturally, you will undergo a physical examination, along a vision exam with eye photography. There are certain things that you will not be able to do, such as taking certain drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen and a couple of other ones. Quitting smoking for several weeks is mandatory in order to speed up post-operative healing.

Results in different time periods

Results in different time periods

Final word

While blepharoplasty does not cover a big area of the body, the results it can give are quite astonishing. Of course, the results are not going to be the same for everyone, so you should not set your expectations too high, and should discuss this with the surgeon before the procedure.

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