Are you getting tired of the look of your old bags? You don’t have to spend a fortune to update your collection. There’s a simple and inexpensive way to bring new life to those bags—customize them. Let’s look at four popular types of bags and how you can inject them with a little touch of your personality.

Handbag: The Everyday Bag 

Naturally, everyone is going to have a handbag in her purse collection. It’s one of the more versatile bags. It’s appropriate for most occasions, regardless of whether you’re leading a Fortune 500 board meeting or running to the grocery store for more yogurt.

How to Customize: You can quickly alter the look of the bag by changing the straps. It’s an inexpensive way of coordinating your outfit without buying another purse. You can increase your options by choosing a neutral color bag that will give you the greatest number of straps that will look great with it.

Tote: The Bottomless Grab Bag 

One of the clearest childhood memories you probably have of a family trip is your mother diving into her tote bag for the family’s endless requests. She had chewing gum, mints, tissues, Band-Aids, and whatever else you needed.

Now you’re the one with the tote. No doubt you find it just as useful as your mother, but you want to personalize it.

How to Customize: If you use your tote for fun everyday activities, why not advertise that fact on the tote with customized patches like the ones from this site? You can design patches to support your kids’ teams, your partner’s motorcycle club, or your favorite hobbies.There are different types of patches that you can customize, so make sure you choose the patch with the right material that goes well with your bag.

Duffel Bag: Looking Good in Transit 

Duffel bags are great if you need to carry overnight clothing but don’t want to use a suitcase. Of course, you can use it for any number of other occasions as well. The bag is perfect if you need a stylish way to schlep more than the usual number of items back and forth between your home and office.

How to Customize: Consider adding a splash of color with a scarf tied to the strap. The duffel bag is also ideal for attaching a key fob and other objects that could otherwise get lost on the bottom.

Clutch: When You Want to Go Strapless 

Nothing denotes an air of sophistication like a clutch. There’s no handle or shoulder strap to disrupt the eye from the silhouette of your outfit.

It works well with either a formal occasion or a night at your favorite local bar. The only difference is the material from which the clutch is made. The fabric is the key to whether the clutch is more suitable for that little black dress or jeans and boots.

How to Customize: It’s popular to customize clutches with your name. However, you may find that simply using your initials is more to your liking.

Customize Your Favorite Types of Bags 

Did we mention your favorite types of bags above? If not, that doesn’t mean that it’s not an ideal candidate for customization. You can customize any bag. All you need is a little imagination.

You can keep your imagination active by reading more of our fashion blog entries.

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