Your basement has been sitting empty for years now. Do you know what you’re going to do with all of that unused space? We have the perfect idea for you: turn it into a home bar.

What is a better way there to drink than from the comfort of your own home? Keep reading this entertaining guide for 5 ideas for decorating your home bar.

  • Go Retro 

Bring back the 50s aesthetic with brightly colored laminate metal-banded countertops and art deco prints. It’s a great way to add fun splashes of color. You can even get vintage bar carts to complete the look.

  • Imitation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery

What do we mean by that? Model your home bar after your favorite bar or derive inspiration from local pubs to figure out what you want yours to look like. Do you want a classic Irish Pub look?

How about a sports bar? If you have the space, you can use the whole room to your advantage by modeling it after a popular sports bar. Hang jerseys on the walls, add a pool table, and have a big-screen TV, so you never miss a game.

What about a Tropical Island bar feel? Whatever the theme you want, just keep in mind who you’ll be entertaining. What kind of guests do you want to invite when your home bar is all finished?

  • Make it Modern 

Modern interior design is popular as it gives a room a sophisticated and luxurious feel. If you want a modern makeover for your home bar, employ a simple yet appealing color palette, sharp angles and lines, and sleek furniture. This may include (but isn’t limited to) a granite countertop, pendant lighting, gold-rimmed glasses, and an overall minimalistic appearance.

To get you started, view these acrylic counter stools. The sleek design of these chairs is perfect for any modern or contemporary home bar look. You can even change the color of the cushion to better fit your design needs.

  • A Family Friendly Affair 

If you don’t have an entirely separate room to dedicate to your home bar, make the space that you do have work for you. If you have room in your kitchen or family room, make a small home bar that is friendly for the whole family. You can stock a mini-fridge with all of the ingredients to mix cocktails, but keep the alcohol out of reach of young hands.

Additionally, you can dedicate part of the fridge to drinks for your kids or anyone else in the home who doesn’t drink alcohol. That way, you can have a home bar that everyone can enjoy. This option is great if you have a small home, too.

  • A Rustic Retreat 

If you have a farmhouse or just want your home to have a nice, woodsy feel, go for a rustic-style home bar. The key items to achieve this look are distressed wood furniture, a polished wood bar top, and neat metal accents like copper cabinet handles. All of this goes into creating that down-to-earth appearance.

That’s Our Entertaining Guide for Five Home Bar Decorating Ideas

Now that you finally know what to do with your extra space, we hope our entertaining guide for home bar design ideas has inspired you. Bring a sophisticated feel to your home pub with a granite bar top and acrylic chairs. Or imitate your favorite place.

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