Yoga Write For Us

Our company is always looking out for writers who are passionate about yoga and are interested in sharing their experiences and journey. We would love to add experienced blog writers who enjoy writing valuable content about physical exercises and training.

If you are a talented and inspired writer, ensure you send your yoga-related posts to our email; We will appreciate your valuable contribution.

What are the Yoga Write for us Submission Guidelines?

  • Your article should be 800 words and above and should provide value to our readers.
  • Ensure the content is unique and original. It would be best to refrain from duplicating content from other websites or sending us articles that are already published on the other sites.
  • You can add one backlink to your website and one self-serving link to your social media accounts.
  • You can also add external links to trusted or authoritative resources, which will add value to your article. Remember that the links should be relevant to your topic of discussion. For instance, you can link to lifestyle, yoga, health, wellness, or training authoritative websites.
  • All claims you make on the post must be backed up with data from trusted sources such as case studies or research.
  • Incorporate bullets, paragraphs, subheadings, and h1, h2, h3…tags to make your content competitive for SEO.
  • Ensure the article you submit is relevant to the yoga industry
  • Include an author bio where you briefly discuss yourself or your brand. You can also attach your image and website links.
  • Pass your text through Grammarly and Copyscape tools to ensure it is high-quality and original.
  • You can add infographics, videos, and images related to the yoga industry. If you attach any media, ensure it has high resolution and does not have any copyright issues.
  • Ensure your text is very easy to comprehend
  • Use a conversational tone in your blog posts to make them more engaging
  • Try as much as possible to write relevant information which is applicable in today’s world

What are the Benefits of Yoga Write for Us?

Our blog receives thousands of readers every month; thus, by writing for us, you have the advantage of being exposed to a new and larger audience. Such a platform is very beneficial for you and your brand. Some of the benefits you can expect include:

Reach New Audience

This is a platform where you get to engage with a new audience. Ideally, you can share practical tips in the yoga industry. Your valuable information will be helpful to thousands of readers who visit our blog. Help others have a meaningful life by sharing yoga’s wellness and fitness journey.

Interact with Other Yoga Enthusiasts

The platform is a fantastic space to engage and share resourceful ideas with other yoga enthusiast. If you are a yoga trainer, you will gain valuable information by interacting with other experts. Thus, this is a chance to expand your knowledge in yoga.

Scale your Business

It is also an opportunity to scale your business and place it in a competitive position. Remember that guest posting is an ideal way to increase traffic and visibility to your business. Increased traffic will consequently increase the ranking of your business, making it the best SEO tactic to incorporate.

Gain Massive Followers to Your Social Media Accounts

Another outstanding advantage of guest posting is that you have the chance to increase your social media followers dramatically. We give you a platform to share your social media account links. Thus, if readers are intrigued by your content, they will follow you on your social media profiles for more insights.

How to Submit Your Posts?

We accept editable formats such as word documents, Google documents, and PowerPoint presentations. The final post you submit to us should be well-edited, relevant to the yoga industry, unique, original, and of high quality. We have zero tolerance for low quality, syndicated, or duplicated content as it can negatively affect our website.

It is important to note that we have the right to edit, add paragraphs, remove paragraphs, add titles, or add images to your content to make it outstanding for our readers. However, we allow you to retain authorship rights to your content.

You can conveniently submit your posts to our email, and we will be happy to publish your valuable content.