Data science is playing a vital role in the transformation of modern technology. Numerous businesses worldwide are using data science to expand their business and improvise their sales.

A recent report by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics says that nearly 33,000 data scientists were employed in 2020 across America. The report further reveals that these figures will grow up to 22% by 2030.

Fascinating, isn’t it? So, if you consider it as your career, you will not be out of job opportunities soon.

To get a data science job in 2022, you will need a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a specialization certificate in data science. However, that won’t be enough, as you can not apply for a data science job without a professional data science resume.

To help you build an impeccable resume for data science experts, we are here to use five essential elements mentioned below:

Professional Resume Format

The first essential for a killer data science resume is a professional resume format. You pick any suitable resume format available online based on your skills and experience. To outline your data science resume, you can consider using any of the below-mentioned resume formats:

  • Reverse Chronological Resume Format
  • Functional Resume Format
  • Combination Resume Format

Profile Centric Keywords

We highly recommend you use as many profile-centric keywords as possible while framing your data science resume. These keywords will help you parse through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and increase your shortlisting chances.

Crisp Language

Considering the tough competition and number of applicants over one job opportunity these days, we can not expect recruiters to spend much time screening on a resume. Hence, we advise you to use crisp and clear language while mentioning details in every section of your data science resume.

Highlighted Metrics

Highlighting essential metrics is also a vital point that can enhance your shortlisting chances during the recruiter’s resume screening round. You can also highlight some technical keywords to emphasize the effectiveness of your resume.

Separate Section For Skills

To impress the recruiter during the resume screening round, you need to add your technical and key skills in separate sections. The data science skills mentioned separately will also work as a stack of keywords that will help you clear the ATS resume screening round.

Key Takeaways

Take a look at the key takeaways of this article:

  • Outline your data science resume in a professional resume format
  • Use profile centric keywords to clear the resume screening round
  • Mention your resume details in crisp and easy to read language
  • Highlight essential metrics and technical keywords to grab the recruiter’s attention
  • Add your technical and key skills in separate sections for an organized presentation

These are the essential elements that will help you build a killer data science resume in 2022. You can also use these essential resume elements to polish your existing data science resume and bag your next data science job without any complications.

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