When you’re out and about during the Summer, you’re likely to see many people applying sensitive skin sunscreen for face every day, as it’s recommended every time you go out into direct sunlight. But why is that? What are the reasons behind this advice?

That’s what we analyze here, as we provide a range of factors that you need to consider in your daily skin protection routine. There may be some reasons that you’ve not heard of and some you have in this blog, but essentially they point towards the same thing – staying safe and protecting your skin.

UV rays are present every day & able to do damage to your skin

This applies whether the sky is completely clear, as well as if it’s overcast or even raining outside. Wearing sunscreen on your face every day will ensure that your skin is protected all year round. 

Of course, if there’s blazing sunshine outside, then the need for protection is greater, but that doesn’t mean that the risk disappears when the weather’s not great. 

It massively reduces your chances of skin cancer

Another compelling reason why you should use sensitive skin sunscreen for face everyday is that it greatly lowers your risk of developing skin cancer. Around the world, it’s the most prevalent type of skin cancer and the statistics show us that wearing sunscreen cuts that risk by 50%. 

It protects your skin from sun damage & aging

When the sun hits your skin, it causes something called ‘photoaging’ and this occurs because collagen is broken down (it’s this substance that gives your skin its youthful appearance).

This leads to wrinkles, lines and a ‘leathery’ look to the skin. Again, the stats show us why it’s so vital to wear sunscreen every day, as those that do have around 25% less chance of becoming affected in this way. 

An even skin tone is much more likely 

If you don’t wear sensitive skin sunscreen for face every day, then you put yourself at risk of developing dark spots or discoloration that come from sun exposure. With a barrier in place, however, your skin will not be triggered into creating excess melanin like this and you’re going to have a much more even skin tone as a result.

Sunscreen Each Day Protects You Now & For the Future

There are days when you may think to yourself that there’s no real need to wear sensitive skin sunscreen for face. It’s only natural to think this way, particularly when it’s cloudy, but the science shows us that cloud cover only provides a small amount of protection from the sun and so it’s down to you to provide the rest. 

We get it. It’s easy to forget and some days, you’ve got what seem like more important things to think about, but if you can take those extra few seconds applying it each day, you’ll protect yourself from sun damage today and against the issues described above for the future. 

When you break it down like this, it just makes sense.

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