Can you imagine a world without money? Imagine the confusion and chaos around the world without cash. Money is the most important thing you need to survive, regardless of your geographic location. Whether you are in the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada, you only need one thing to buy things for your survival – Money.

In fact, we all set our life goals and work every day to earn money so we can buy things we need to survive and enjoy our lives the way we want. However, when you hear the word ‘money,’ one may think of US dollars, while someone in England will think of Pounds and someone in Germany will be thinking of Euros. Hence, money is an umbrella term, and each country has a different currency.

So, let’s understand what a penny is and find the answer to the question: how much is 80000 Pennies?

What is a penny?

Penny is used in most nations as the smallest denomination of a currency. It is another name for American one cent. Informally, the term penny is also used in Canada as the smallest currency denomination.

As the penny is the smallest currency denomination, it cannot be divided further. Penny is currently used in the British currency system.

1 penny = 0.01 dollar

History of Penny

Before finding the answer to the question of how much is 80000 pennies, let’s look back at the pennies’ history.

The term ‘penny’ was first used in the currency system in the native language of Scotland in 1394. The term penny was derived from the word punic, which means face. The first-ever penny crafted in Scotland had the face of Goddess Carthaginian on it.

According to historians, the currency system was first used during the Roman and Greek empires as ancient designs of silver coins have traces of Greek and Roman gods. However, Pepin the Short, the king of the Franks, introduced major reforms in the currency system.

Later, Charlemange introduced even smaller-sized pennies bringing further reforms in the currency system. With reforms in the currency system, many countries started to adapt pennies into their currency system because of conquering and colonization.

How much is 80000 pennies?

If you are planning to travel to another country, it is important to understand the conversion of different currency denominations. Hence, it is important to understand the value of 80000 pennies in dollars.

As one penny is worth 0.01 dollars, 80000 pennies will be worth 800 dollars. The amount may be very small for your survival. One might not be able to afford proper housing with this little amount. However, this conversion is just to understand the value of a penny according to the currency system. It is worth noting that there is not much difference between the value of the Canadian dollar and the US dollar.


While concluding the question of “How much is 80000 Pennies,” we hope our post helped you understand the meaning and working of the smallest currency denomination, penny.

You can use this knowledge to understand the worth of a penny in different currency systems in the world. We also hope that this post can help you simplify the process of currency conversion. Want to know more about the history of the penny? Click here.

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