What comes around also goes around. This philosophy sets beautifully when we are talking about our favourite accessory: glasses.

There’s no way your look or outfit for any day or occasion is complete without a stunning frame on your face. The aura and powerful presence of glasses on your face is hard to resist.

You appear powerful, sophisticated and smart, there’s no way you these fancy descriptions with any other accessory.

If you are a person with great taste in eyewear fashion, you can’t deny the beauty of the classic frames. Now, you can see many alternative forms of design on frames that are equally beautiful, however some frames remain timeless.

Trends come and go every year or month, but the classics always remain a style of honour and great taste.

If you also want to create a sturdy presence then you’ve got to have a fancy frame with you. There’s not a look that can be as accomplished beautifully as with a pair of glasses sitting on top of your nose.

With different frames, you might be confused with choice and feel the need of an advisor at those times. Don’t worry, you called and we’ve got you.

Whenever you feel perplexed with choice and can’t choose a frame that goes with any outfit of your selection, stick to classic. There’s nothing as golden as the original, simple and eccentric classic frames which stay beautiful till now.

Here are the best classic eyeglasses of all time:

Aviator glasses – There’s no way you can ever miss or forget to mention the hot sensation of history in glasses, the aviator glasses. These glasses were invented for the pilots at the beginning, but their appeal stuck among many people. Which led to Aviator glasses being a household name among the celebrity, professionals and others.

Now you can get aviator glasses in many versions, but the true design in them never fades away. The tear-shaped lenses cover your eyes and soften the facial features to make your eyes pop is the best feature to have in a pair of sunglasses. Hence Aviator glasses remain a favourite of everyone and your father.

Round glasses – Ever since the Harry Potter movie got its recognition, you would see people in their metallic round frames being a complete fanatic. Round glasseswere popular in the olden days where legends like Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon and Steve Jobs are seen wearing those glasses. Round glasses are less sharp, more subtle, and offer a youthful appeal.

Similar to Aviator sunglasses and other glasses, round glasses are also available in all sorts of design that range from unique colours and patterns.

Cat-eye glasses -There’s nothing better than a beautiful pair of cat-eye glasses on any woman. Just like your earring, this piece of accessory is a must for everyone. Cat-eye glasses contain a beautiful edge at the corner of its frame that give it an elongate appeal. It makes our eyes look sharp and elegant. It’s been the ultimate classic, from the 90s actress wearing them often, a legend like Marylin Monroe was quite often seen wearing cat-eye glasses.

These were the classics that will help you get a great wardrobe makeover. Head Over to Specscart to get hold of these frames in chic pattern, style, and texture. With its free home trial, you can try out its top 4 frames for 7 days for free at home.

Apart from stunning frames, Specscart also offers its glasses with a free protective coating. Glasses are fully loaded with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance that gives it quality arrogance and a high level of protection of your eyes against harmful and unwanted rays.

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